In a painful accident.. the death of 8 from a Saudi family and a lone survivor (details)

In a painful accident.. the death of 8 from a Saudi family and a lone survivor (details)
In a painful accident.. the death of 8 from a Saudi family and a lone survivor (details)

A painful accident that resulted in the death of an entire family consisting of seven members and the maid, moved the feelings and sympathy of the pioneers of social networking sites, wishing for patience and reckoning with God’s reward.

An accident that claimed the lives of 8 people:

The family of the engineer, Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Saeed, who lives in the “Rijal Al-Ama’” governorate, received news of his death with family members during his trip from Abha to Riyadh on Al-Rain Wadi Al-Dawasir Road, where 8 family members died, namely: “the father, mother, and five sons and daughters.” Maid side of Filipino nationality.

The brother of the deceased wife, Dr. Ayed Al-Saeed, confirmed that the news was painful and shocking to an unbearable degree, adding that the family went on a vacation to Riyadh by land and took a break, but God’s will wanted their lives to end in this tragic way.

And the brother of the deceased wife continued, the news of the death did not arrive until Friday afternoon, when the whole family headed to Wadi Al-Dawasir to follow up on the accident, which occurred on a dangerous, non-double road, and the vision was not clear during the night.

He explained that the family met with the daughter, her children, and her husband before traveling, and bid them farewell at 12 o’clock on Friday night, and the family headed to Riyadh via Wadi Al-Dawasir. But their car collided with another, and they caught fire and burned: his sister, her husband, the maid, the 22-year-old eldest daughter, another daughter, and 3 male children, the oldest of whom is 16 years old and the youngest 5 years old, in addition to the death of the maid.

He pointed out that the burial was delayed due to the completion of forensic procedures, as well as the procedures of the late Filipino maid.

The only survivor of the tragic accident

He explained that the only survivor was his sister’s son, who rushed out of the car as a result of the force of the blow. Her name is Nada, she is 18 years old, and she recounted the details of the incident, and stated that she was asleep, and only woke up when she was next to the burning car and was rescued by a passer-by who He pulled her away from the car, which was on fire.

And he said: “We ask God to inspire her and the family with patience and solace, for the sermon is great, but it is God’s will, which we are patient with in anticipation of seeking reward and reward despite the great pain experienced by all family members, and his sister’s friends who used to work as a teacher in a school in the city of Abha.”

The brother of the deceased wife asked to pray for his sister, her husband and her children to be among the martyrs and that their resting place be in Heaven, God willing.

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