Who is the Poland player banned internationally for doping?

Who is the Polish player who was suspended internationally due to doping? Many social media pioneers have spread widely during the past hours that there is a player in the Polish national team who uses doping in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which is considered one of the crimes that the team is punished for with these illegal acts. Where a Polish player was suspended for four years by the Asian Football Confederation officially in October after consuming the stimuli that football players were warned not to take, and through this we will know that player in addition to the details of his comment, with the fact that he participated in the match between Saudi Arabia and Poland in the World Cup 2022.

Who is the Poland player banned internationally for doping?

Poland’s Jakub Chertok is the player who was banned at international level after it was officially proven that he had doped, with Schertok banned for four years; Due to violations of international laws and regulations regarding the use of incentives, it was initially suspended in December 2022; Therefore, an official four-year suspension decision was issued in October 2022.

Details of the suspension of the Poland player internationally due to doping

The Japanese club “Nagoya Grampus Eight” officially announced that the Asian Football Confederation suspended soccer player Jacob Chertok for four years after discovering the presence of a banned substance in his blood. December 9, 2022.

The fact that the suspended Polish player attended the Saudi-Poland match

The recent news that spread among the pioneers of social networking sites regarding the presence of the suspended Polish player Jakub Chertok in the Saudi national team match against his Polish counterpart in the World Cup 2022 is unfounded, the match, due to many arbitration errors, which the Saudi national team lost yesterday to the Polish national team in the round The second of the third group of the Qatar World Cup, in which the Polish national team seeks to present many different goals in order to reach the advanced roles of the World Cup, which is the most expensive and largest tournament in the world. The Polish national team has many of the best players in the team.

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