Who is Zakaria Abu Khalal, the Moroccan national team player?

Who is Zakaria Abu Khallal, the player of the Moroccan national team? The player Zakaria Abu Khallal is one of the best players in the Moroccan national team, who presented a wonderful level today against Belgium in the second round of the Qatar World Cup, which the Moroccan team won with two goals to nothing, which is considered one of The most famous player of the Moroccan national team in the Arab world, such as Zakaria, the Moroccan national team in more than one African league, and he had great credit for the team’s access to the summit. Zakaria’s name appeared in the past few hours after he scored a goal in his team’s victory over Belgium during the World Cup 2022 matches, so who is he Zakaria Abu, during this, will answer him in detail, in addition to information about his assets and his account on social networking sites.

Who is Zakaria Abu Khalal, the Moroccan national team player?

Zakaria Abu Abr is a professional soccer player who holds Moroccan nationality. He was born in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 2000 AD. Zakaria Abou Abr enjoys wide fame among the Moroccan people, in addition to the Arabs residing in the Netherlands, where he was chosen to be part of the Atlas team, which he succeeded in for a short time, and he was One of the most important players, in the Dutch , and this is what prompted European clubs to sign him.

Who is Zakaria Abu through the biography

The most important information about Zakaria Abu Khalil and his personal life is as follows

  • His full name is Zakaria Abu Khalil.
  • The English name is Zakaria Abu Khalil.
  • Date of birth November 18, 2000 AD
  • Place of birth Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Residency Live in Morocco.
  • Nationality He holds Moroccan nationality.
  • Marital status Single.
  • French and English languages.
  • Occupation Football player.
  • Attacking center.
  • Height 179 meters.
  • Weight 74 kg.
  • Years of activity He started his football career in 2022 and it continues to this day.

The origins of the player Zakaria Abu Khalil

The origins of Zakaria Abu Khalil go back to the state of Libya from a Libyan father and a Moroccan mother. Zakaria was born in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and lived his childhood there. He began his football life when he had the opportunity to join Dutch clubs, where Zakaria proved his prowess as a professional football player to launch himself after that, in Morocco to represent his country in the 2022 World Cup, where he participated in the African Cup of Nations, and managed to score many goals in his first appearance.

Zakaria Abu through the official Instagram

The player has Zakaria or through an official account on Instagram “”, through which he shares many pictures that document his great joy at his team’s victory in his last match against the Belgian national team, in addition to pictures of his presence on the field, and bragging about the team to which he belongs.

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