Who is Sarah Mardini Wikipedia

Who is Sarah Mardini Wikipedia
Who is Sarah Mardini Wikipedia

Who is Sarah Mardini on Wikipedia? There are many famous sports in the Arab world, as everyone has inclinations in a sport. Today we will talk through the current article about the young Sarah Mardini and what are her achievements in the field of marine swimming, as he is one of the most famous young women in the field of swimming in the Republic Syria.

Who is Sarah Mardini Wikipedia

She is the girl who works in the field of swimming and bears the name Yusra Mardani. She was born on the fifth of March 1998 AD. She grew up in the capital, Damascus, in the Republic of Syria. She lived in the State of Syria for many years, and currently resides in the State of Berlin after she decided to leave Syria after the Syrian war that took place. She grew up in Syria years ago, and holds the Syrian nationality. She started teaching in Syria, but she is a fan of swimming. It is mentioned that she participated in the Summer Olympics six years ago and won a number of awards in the field of swimming in a number of sports competitions.

Sarah Mardini Religion

And the player Sarah Mardini embraces the Christian religion, as she grew up in a Christian family and is interested in Christian customs and traditions and still adheres to her Christian religion. Sources in Germany said that he won the championship in the field of the Olympics after he reached the German shores by swimming from the State of Syria.

Competitions that Sarah Mardini participated in

It is noteworthy that the young Sarah Al Mardini participated in a large number of international and international competitions in swimming, and won a number of prizes for being a professional swimmer who can cut large competitions in the sea in order to obtain the championship without stopping or fear, one of the most famous works that spread about it in the field of swimming when A swimmer arrived on the shores of Greece, and she is a young woman who possesses many qualities and talents that enabled her to become a famous swimmer in the field of swimming, and in one year she represented the country of Syria in the Olympic Games, and it is known about the young Sarah that she can swim for 200 and 400 meters meters continuously into the sea.

Sarah Mardini’s official Instagram account

The skilled swimmer, Sarah Mardini, is one of the famous personalities in Arab and Western societies, as she has achieved records in the sea at great distances, as she has many accounts on social networking sites, and one of the most famous official accounts has an account on the Instagram platform, and the young Sarah Mardini provides a lot of information About his personal life through the account and also showing his latest news on the platform through the story feature, and everyone can enter his official Instagram account by clicking here.

The article is in Arabic

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