Who is Ivana Knoll, the sexiest fan of the World Cup 2022?

Model and former Miss Croatia, Ivana Nol, topped the search indicators on Google Trend and social media platforms, due to her disrespect for Qatar because of her bold and sexy clothes that highlight her charms in the World Cup.

ivana knoll instagram

Ivana Knoll

For her part, the former Miss Croatia was severely criticized for disrespecting Qatar for wearing a very sexy short dress, to support the Croatian national team against Morocco in the match that ended in a goalless draw, at the famous Al-Bayt Stadium.

Morocco’s national team match against Croatian counterpart, in the first round of Group 6 matches in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, ended in a goalless draw.

The Moroccan national team played the match with the formation of:

  • Goalkeeper: Yassine Bounou.
  • Defense line: Naseer Mazrawi – Nayef Akrad – Roman Says – Ashraf Hakimi.
  • Midfield: Sufyan Amrabat – Ezzedine Onahi – Salim Amlah.
  • Offensive line: Sufyan Boufal – Youssef Al-Nusairi – Hakim Ziyash.

While the Croatian national team played its match against Morocco, with the following formation:

  • Goalkeeper: Dominik Levakovic.
  • Defensive line: Josip Yuranovic – Dejan Lovren – Josko Guardiol – Borna Sosa.
  • Midfield: Marcelo Brozovic – Luka Modric – Niko Kovacic.
  • Offensive line: Nikola Vlajic – Andrei Kramaric – Ivan Perisic.
Who is Ivana Knoll?

Who is Ivana Knoll?

Who is Ivana Knoll?

Ivana Noll, the sexiest fan of the World Cup, was seen walking the streets of Qatar in very vulgar and sexy clothes, in contravention of the conservative rules of Qatar.

Is Ivana Knoll locked up?

Ivana Knoll’s clothing is a clear violation of Qatar’s rules and Ivana could face up to prison.

A number of Qatari police officials called for the arrest of Ivana Nol, model and former Miss Croatia, on charges of disrespecting traditions and violating Qatar’s local customs and laws.

Earlier, the Qatar Tourism Authority warned before the 2022 World Cup to appear in such clothes, saying: “Visitors (men and women) are expected to show respect for the local culture by avoiding excessive revealing of clothes in public places.”

For her part, Ivana Noll initially expressed her anger at the dress code imposed by Qatar on the fans, after obliging them to wear modest clothes in public places.

Where Ivana said that the authorities do not cause her any problems despite wearing bold clothes in the stands, noting that she feels comfortable to wear bold clothes in the 2022 World Cup without fear of arrest in Qatar.

Nol was seen taking a selfie with fans in the stands, especially Qataris, noting that she had become accustomed to this since her arrival in Qatar.

During a meeting in Qatar on the sidelines of her attendance at the World Cup, model and former Miss Croatia, Ivana Nol, said: When I heard that the World Cup would be held in Qatar, they would certainly allow us to wear everything without imposing restrictions.

Ivana singled out the State of Qatar, saying: When she heard about the rules and was shocked, the law prohibits showing the shoulders, knees, and abdomen, and that she does not even have clothes that cover these areas, pointing out that when she arrived, she was surprised that they did not cause any problems related to clothes, as they allow them to wear whatever we want.

Who is Ivana Knoll?

  • Ivana is a model and former Miss Croatia 2018.
  • Ivana Noll was born on September 16, 1995 in Germany to a Croatian father and mother.
  • She is 26 years old.
  • At the age of seven, she moved to Zagreb, Croatia.
  • In March of 2013, Ivana Knoll rose to fame with her work as a belly dancer.
  • In 2016, Ivana reached the finals of the Miss Croatia contest.
  • She was criticized after attending her country’s matches in the 2018 World Cup.
  • She won the title of Miss Croatia in 2018.
  • As an influencer, she displays her lifestyle on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.
  • After her visit to Qatar, the number of followers of Ivana Knoll increased by the same number of followers in 3 years.
  • Ivana Knol gained fame after attending Croatia matches.
Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll

Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll

Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll

ivana knoll instagram

The model and former Miss Croatia, Ivana Nol, has an account on the photo and video sharing site “Instagram” and gained more followers in two days than she gained in 3 years, due to the fame she gained in the recent period in the 2022 World Cup, and she shares with her followers pictures, activities and private videos. With her artwork, she presents the most active and enthusiastic interactions with her fans, thus gaining a large fan base and more than 800,000 followers.

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