Urgent.. Iran carries out the first execution of a protester

Urgent.. Iran carries out the first execution of a protester
Urgent.. Iran carries out the first execution of a protester

Today, Thursday, the Iranian judicial authorities announced the execution of the first protester, Mohsen Shakari, in the capital, Tehran.

Shikari was arrested on September 25, after participating in popular protests against the regime, and the authorities accused him of carrying weapons and wounding a security man with a machete.

A statement by the judiciary, published by its news agency, Mizan Online, said, “The country’s Supreme Court rejected the request to appeal the verdict submitted by the lawyer of the convict, Mohsen Shakari, and considered it incorrect because the perpetrator’s actions take place amidst a crowd of rioters and an attempt to block Starkhan Street in Tehran and threaten People with cold weapons and also getting involved in harming some security forces with cold weapons are examples of moharebeh.”

The statement added that “at dawn today, Thursday, the death sentence was carried out against Mohsen Shekari in Tehran,” noting that “according to the indictment issued by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, Hekari was accused of moharebeh by drawing a weapon with the intent of killing, inciting terror, and depriving people of freedom and security.

The first court session was held for protester Mohsen Shakari on the first of last November.

The nationwide protests began in Iran about two months and twenty days ago, and quickly turned into one of the largest and longest-running anti-government protests in the history of the Islamic Republic.

In recent days, these protests have manifested as widespread strikes across Iran and have forced the closure of vital industries and private companies in Iran.

So far, the Iranian judicial authorities have issued six death sentences against a number of demonstrators, one of which was executed.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization announced that the number of prisoners executed this year amounted to more than 500 prisoners in this country.

The human rights organization said in a report last Sunday that this is the highest execution rate in the past five years.

This organization also reported, quoting informed sources, the execution of Hossein Ordukhanzadeh, Shahin Imani Mahmoudabad, Milad Ashrafi Atbatan and Manouchehr Bajundi, last Saturday, in Rajai Shahr prison in the city of Karaj on charges of “collaboration with Israel.”

According to the Iranian judiciary, in this case there are three other defendants who were also sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison.

In this regard, Amnesty International announced, last Friday, that at least 28 people, including 3 children, arrested during the recent nationwide protests in Iran, on charges such as “corruption on earth” and “moharebeh” face the risk of execution.

Amnesty International, in a report, indicated that so far at least 6 people have been sentenced to death during the protests in “mock trials,” noting that the Iranian authorities use the death penalty as a tool of “political repression in order to create fear among the people and end the popular uprising.”

The Iranian human rights organization “Hrana” said earlier that the death toll from the protests had reached 470, including 63 teenagers and children.

The Iranian authorities reject reports about the dead and detainees, while the Iranian National Security Council confirmed last Saturday that 200 people were killed in the protests.

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