Who is Nada Ramal, Marwan Khoury’s wife?

Who is Nada Rammal, the wife of Marwan Khoury? The Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury is considered one of the best artists and actors in the Arab world, and he won many different awards and titles throughout his artistic career in Lebanon and the Arab world. The artist Marwan received many different awards. Marwan Khoury is considered one of The most prominent and famous artists in the Arab world, and since the beginning of his artistic life he has produced many successful songs that have received high rates. It is noteworthy that Marwan Khoury officially announced his engagement previously without mentioning any personal details. Thus, we will talk about Marwan Khoury, who is his wife, Nada Ramal, and the most important information related to her. .

Who is Nada Ramal, Marwan Khoury’s wife?

Nada Rammal is the wife of the Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury, and she is a young woman of Lebanese origin. The artist Marwan Khoury announced his engagement and his association with her without mentioning any personal details related to her, as she is an unknown person in the media and some sources said, it is mentioned that she has children from her first husband and the separation incident that occurred before So, on December 12, the artist, Marwan Khoury, announced his official entry into the golden cage, to officially announce the details of his marriage during his meeting with IT, Arab.

Nada Ramal Biography

Among the most important information obtained about Nada Ramal is the following

  • Her full name is Nada Ramal.
  • Date of birth unknown.
  • Place of birth I was born in Lebanon.
  • Residence: Lives in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Nationality She holds the Lebanese nationality.
  • Age You must be in your 30s.
  • Civil status Married.
  • The husband’s name is Marwan Khoury.
  • Arabic mother tongue.

What is the nationality of Nada Ramal?

The young woman, Nada Ramal, holds Lebanese nationality, as she was born and raised in Lebanon from a young age, where she married the artist and singer Marwan Khoury on December 12, 2022, which was previously announced by the artist and Marwan, and Khoury did not reveal any additional information related to his wife, Nada Ramal, who is one of the personalities. The distant one, according to the media, is an ordinary Lebanese person who was previously married and has a number of children from her children, the husband.

How old is Nada Ramal?

It is likely that Omar Nada Ramal, the wife of Marwan Khoury, is in her thirties, as the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury did not mention personal and personal details about the identity of his wife Nada Ramal, except that some sources stated that she is a woman of Lebanese origin and has a different religion than Marwan Khoury and that she married and separated from Her ex-husband after she gave birth to a number of children.

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