Who is Marwan Khoury’s wife on Wikipedia?

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Who is Marwan Khoury’s wife on Wikipedia? The Lebanese singer and composer Marwan Khoury has great popularity and fame throughout the Arab world, and he seeks to know his new many fans distributed throughout this world, and Marwan is famous for his romance despite his celibacy that he recently got rid of, where through my articles site we will get to know who is Marwan Khoury’s wife Wikipedia, as well as the most important information and details related to her biography.

Who is Marwan Khoury on Wikipedia?

Marwan Khoury is Lebanese singer, writer and composerHe was born in Amchit, Lebanon, in 1968 AD. He started his artistic career when he was seven years old, by playing in concerts, and became a famous little composer at the country level. In 2002, he released an album entitled “Khayal Al-Omar”, which achieved great success, and he became one of the most famous artists in the Arab world, and embarked on a journey full of successes and advancements.[1]

Who is Marwan Khoury’s wife?

The wife of the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury is sand dew, and she is an unknown figure in the media or the artistic community, Khoury announced his association with her without mentioning any personal details related to her, but what is certain is that she is a Lebanese woman who lived through the experience of marriage before; She separated from her ex-husband after she gave birth to three children from him, and it is worth noting that the artist Marwan Khoury got married to Nada on the twelfth of December of the year 2022 AD, in Cyprus, since their marriage was a civil marriage.

Nada Ramal Biography

The most important information and details related to the biography of Marwan Khoury’s wife can be mentioned. Nada Ramal is as follows:

  • full name: sand dew.
  • place of birth: Born in the Arab Republic of Lebanon.
  • Nationality: He holds the Lebanese nationality.
  • Sweat: Arabic.
  • Religion: She embraces the Islamic religion.
  • Sect: Shiite.
  • Current spouse’s name: Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury.
  • Ex-husband’s name: unknown.
  • number of children: three sons.
  • The reason for fame: The wife of the Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury.

At the end of this article, we got acquainted with his lines on Who is Marwan Khoury’s wife on Wikipedia?We also got acquainted with the most important information related to her biography, as well as who is Marwan Khoury and Wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old is Marwan Khoury?

    The age of the Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury is fifty-four years.

  • How old is Nada Ramal?

    The date of birth of Nada Rammal, the wife of the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury, is not known precisely, and it is believed that she is in her thirties.

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