Norway.. The cost of charging electric cars is more than double the filling of their gas-powered counterparts

Norway.. The cost of charging electric cars is more than double the filling of their gas-powered counterparts
Norway.. The cost of charging electric cars is more than double the filling of their gas-powered counterparts

The Norwegian capital, Oslo, is awaiting the entry into force of the decision to raise the prices of charging electric cars at gas stations scattered on the streets, more than double.

The price of charging electric cars in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, has risen dramatically, to more than double the cost of filling gas-powered cars, following the approval of the city’s budget last week, according to the Norwegian newspaper Avisa Oslo.

Starting in 2019, the local government started charging citizens for charging their electric cars, with rates ranging from NOK 5 to 15 per hour (equivalent to US$2) based on the station’s kW capacity and the time of day the electric car is being charged. According to what the newspaper reported, and was reviewed by the specialized energy platform.

Late-night and overnight charging rates for electric vehicles have risen 7-fold in less than 4 years.

The rise in prices and the difficulty of support

The Oslo government raised electric car charging rates from NOK 28 to NOK 49 ($2.80 to $4.90) per hour for normal daytime charging, and from NOK 13 to NOK 39 ($1.31 to $3.94) at night.

(Norwegian krone = 0.10 USD)

As a result of these price increases, the Norwegian electric car association Norsk elbilforening said in a statement seen by the specialized energy platform that it could no longer support the purchase of an electric car, according to what was published by the Norwegian newspaper The Local.

“In some cases, the price of shipping an electric car may be twice as high as shipping a car powered by fossil fuels,” Christina Bo, Secretary General of the IL-Car organization, told the Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen.

Bo described raising the price of charging electric cars imposed at night by the Oslo local government as “stupid”.

Electric vehicle charging station in Norway – Photo by Sean Gallup

Shipping cost adjustment

Due to sharp criticism and growing pressure from the Electric Vehicle Association, as well as local electric car owners, the Oslo City Council voted to adjust the cost of charging at street charging stations.

In this regard, Bo said: “We reported the number of members who depend on charging on the streets, and contacted members of the Electric Vehicle Association, and they expressed their despair at the price shock.”

“Last week, the city council acknowledged the charging problem, and they’ve been staunchly defending their climate goals, and they’re interviewing electric car drivers,” Bo added.

Here are the prices that will come into effect over Christmas:

  • At gas stations that now charge a charging rate of NOK 35 ($3.54) per hour at night time, the post-Christmas charge will be 19 NOK ($1.92) an hour, up from the old charging rate of 13 kroner ($1.31). dollars).
  • At gas stations that now charge NOK 49 ($4.95) per hour in daytime, post-Christmas charging will come to NOK 27 ($2.73) per hour, with the old charging price touching NOK 18 ($4.95) per hour. $1.82).

It is noteworthy that the new price will actually take effect as soon as possible, and the newspaper Aftenposten indicates that it will be in Christmas, while the Electric Vehicle Association has demanded that the new price begin to be applied before the holidays.

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