The price of the “bisht” with which Lionel Messi appeared.. one of the oldest and most famous stores in Qatar

The price of the “bisht” with which Lionel Messi appeared.. one of the oldest and most famous stores in Qatar
The price of the “bisht” with which Lionel Messi appeared.. one of the oldest and most famous stores in Qatar

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homeland- The Gulf mantle worn by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, for Argentine star Lionel Messi, known as “Bisht”, during the Argentine national team’s coronation of the title and Messi’s lifting of the cup, caught the attention of activists on the communication sites.

The Emir of Qatar draws attention while handing Messi the World Cup

On Sunday, the Argentine national team achieved a historic victory that was denied it 36 ​​years ago, as it was lucky this time in Qatar and was crowned the 2022 FIFA World Champion, after a difficult victory over the French national team.

A snapshot of the Emir of Qatar giving the “Qatari Bisht” to Messi during the coronation and dressing him dominated the final scene in the tournament, and most international newspapers highlighted it.

This caused great fame for the Gulf mantle and prompted many to search for it.

Activists pointed out that this “bisht” in which Messi appeared is one of the oldest and most famous stores in Qatar, as it is of the “Salem” brand, and it is a pure Qatari industry.

Many tweeters asked about the price of this bisht, which Messi appeared with, as he raised the most expensive World Cup in his history, which he fought to the last breath to obtain it, and to end his football career with a historic achievement that the Argentines will immortalize.

The price of the Qatari bisht worn by Messi

In order to answer this question, it is worth noting that the bisht cloak that Messi wore is sold in Qatari markets and stores, and its prices vary according to the material it is made of.

The “bisht” is made of soft pile and fine woolen threads, and the vine is mounted on it, i.e. the decorative ribbon on both sides of the chest and neck from the back, and the vine is distinguished by its golden color.

Bisht prices, according to available information, range between 300 riyals ($82) and 800 riyals ($220) for a ready-made bisht.

As for the “bisht”, which is hand-made by sewing and embroidering it at the customer’s request, its price starts from 1,500 riyals ($410) up to 7000 riyals ($1920).

This is due to the type and quality of the fabric and the embroidery used in the bisht, which goes through a large number of stages during manufacturing, including the cotton, then the broken, then the brow and the installation.

The golden frame that characterizes the bisht abaya is usually made of fine gold threads if it is presented to a dignitary in the Gulf countries, especially Qatar.

Bisht and the Arab identity

The length of the bisht starts from the shoulder to the foot, and it is a garment that has no sleeves, but it has two openings in order to remove the hands.

The Gulf abaya is an authentic Arab heritage, and men in Qatar wear it on special occasions such as wedding parties, graduation from university, and others.

Qatari universities restrict graduates from wearing a “bisht” at graduation ceremonies.

It is noteworthy that despite the great development that Qatar is witnessing in all fields, the modern fashion did not force the citizen to give up wearing the bisht embroidered with golden threads on the edges along with the white dress and the “ghutra” (head cover for men) and the headband.

Israeli madness from the Gulf Bisht.. “Shame on you for turning Messi into Aladdin.”

This comes in adherence to customs and traditions, and keeping them alive in memory, while the bisht is a symbol of personality, and it has been associated with the Arab person and has become a feature of his, Qatari, and Gulf people in general.

The bisht has been known since ancient times, just as the headband was known as a complement to the costume or dress and an essential part of it, and therefore they are symbols of authenticity and national identity due to their heritage value, especially since the man considers the headband a crown on the head and the “bisht” as a symbol of personality.

And Lionel Messi finally succeeded in achieving his dream and winning the World Cup title with his national team, Argentina, after defeating the roosters led by Mbappe with a penalty shootout in the match that was classified as the most exciting in the history of the World Cup finals.

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