The cause of the death of the Jordanian coach Samer Hassouna – Who is Samer Hassouna Wikipedia?

The cause of the death of the Jordanian coach Samer Hassouna – Who is Samer Hassouna Wikipedia?
The cause of the death of the Jordanian coach Samer Hassouna – Who is Samer Hassouna Wikipedia?

Find out the cause of the death of Samer Hassouna, the Jordanian motorcycle trainer, as Jordanian TV announced this morning, Saturday, the death of Captain Samer Hassouna, a trainer accredited by the International Motorcycle Federation, and a member of the administrative board of the Royal Jordanian Cycling Club.

Where Samer Hassouna died on Friday night, and the Jordanian coach of the cycling club was exposed to an accident that led to his death while he was on a recreation trip, and that Samer Hassouna is the advisor to the Harley bikes group in Jordan, and the owner of the riders village, which is about 12 km from the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Samer Hassouna, 45, suffered fractures in multiple areas of the body, and underwent treatment in a hospital in the Kingdom.

Samer Hassouneh, dozens of Jordanians mourned on social media, recalling his merits, and asking him for mercy and forgiveness.

Who is Samer Hassouna Wikipedia?

Samer Hassouna, 45 years old, Jordanian, married and has 5 children. He is the owner of the riders’ village in Jordan. Samer Hassouna is the cyclist and trainer approved by the American company “Harley Davidson”, and the owner of the riders’ village in Jordan and the first in the Middle East.

Samer Hassouna trained and educated Jordanian youth about motorcycles, as Hassouna aspired to popularize the experience of the riders’ village in the countries of the Middle East, and to form a class of riders and trainers that could transfer the idea to their countries and work with the community to provide a safe environment for practicing this hobby.


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Samer Hassouna

Twelve kilometers from the Jordanian capital, Amman, on the road to Queen Alia International Airport, Samer, from a young contractor, began building the dream he had years ago, a “cyclist’s village”, which is a complete community for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The village includes a professional motorcycle driving training center, agents and shops specialized in the field of bicycles, in addition to restaurants and cafes.

Samer Hassouna says that his passion for the hobby of bicycles began late, as he is basically the owner of a contracting company, and he had nothing to do with this hobby, which was prohibited in Jordan according to the laws, and riding bicycles was limited to government and private institutions and not to individuals, and with the opening of the field in 2009, Samer was One of the first to own a bike and start training on it.

Samer Hassouna began training to ride bicycles. The training was simple and limited to small bicycles, which are not like the bicycles that riders actually own, and are designed to deliver orders, and do not enable the owner to drive confidently on crowded streets and face different situations.

After suffering a minor accident in 2010, he felt the need to take care of specialized training and hold advanced rehabilitation courses, in cooperation with specialized centers abroad to bring in trainers. He was asked to work as a volunteer trainer accredited by the Jordan branch of the American Harley Company, and he obtained accredited certificates in 2016 from the company in the Safe Rider Training program.


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The death of Samer Hassouna, the Jordanian coach

This qualified him to be a certified trainer not only in Jordan but also in the Middle East region, where he was the only Arab trainer who could issue a training certificate approved by the company, which qualified him to hold many courses in Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait.

Hassouna has focused on building a “skills training center,” based in the village of riders, and on the difference between training to obtain a bicycle driving license and training on bicycle driving skills. Hassouna says, “The training we get to pass the license is like any primitive training, it only qualifies you to ride a bicycle properly.” Legally, but not professionally.

Hassouna credits the motorcycle hobby for getting to know different places in Jordan that he did not notice when he was driving, and he remembers his unique experience of going to the lowest region in the world “the Dead Sea” on a bike for the first time, which was completely different when he was going by car. .

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