Talgo train ticket prices schedule and all details about it “The Ministry of Transport clarifies”

The dates and prices of tickets for the new Talgo train are among the questions you are looking for in the last hours. The luxury Talgo train, produced by the Spanish company Talgo, consists of 15 carriages and runs at a speed of up to 160 km / h, as the carriages are divided into 5 first-class carriages, in addition to 8 carriages. A 2nd Class A robust bogie and modern American PRL tractor, the Talgo train also includes a number of features, with projection screens, fire alarm, WIFI, pneumatic vibration dampening systems as well as seating and restrooms for people of determination.

Talgo train ticket price table

Joining Instructions No. (11) for the year 2022 regarding the travel of foreigners in luxury, air-conditioned trains.

  • Joining instructions No. (29) for the year 1994 were issued specifying the trains that individual foreigners are allowed to book on and travel on by air-conditioned trains sitting on the Cairo-Aswan line and vice versa, which are (980/981-999/197).
  • Approval of the Board of Directors in its session by circulation on the date of Resolution No. (230) approving the issuance of tickets for tourism companies for group and individual travel by luxury, air-conditioned first and second class trains with special fares from Cairo to Aswan and Cairo/Alexandria and vice versa.

It was decided to implement the following, starting from the tickets that were issued on 10/12/2022

First: Cairo / Aswan and vice versa

Degree wages for Egyptians Travel fares for foreigners
VIP luxury class 295 $50
luxury second 190 $40
The first is air-conditioned 175 $40
The second is air-conditioned 125 $30

Second: Cairo / Luxor and vice versa

Degree wages for Egyptians Travel fares for foreigners
VIP luxury class 245 $45
VIP luxury second 165 $35
The first is air-conditioned 145 $35
The second is air-conditioned 105 $25

Third: Luxor / Aswan and vice versa

Degree wages for Egyptians Travel fares for foreigners
VIP luxury class 115 $25
VIP luxury second 85 $20
The first is air-conditioned 70 $20
The second is air-conditioned 55 $15

Fourth: Cairo / Alexandria and vice versa

Degree wages for Egyptians Travel fares for foreigners
The first is to go 200 pounds $30
The second is to go 150 $25
First luxury VIP 175 $25
VIP luxury second 100 $20
The first is air-conditioned 50 $20
The second is air-conditioned 75 $15

talgo train times

The Egyptian Railways announced the official dates and ticket prices for the luxury train “Talgo”, which will start its first trip next Saturday from the Misr station in Ramses at 2 pm in Alexandria, and will also pass by the Sidi Gaber station.

It is scheduled that the fixed movement time for the luxury train, Talgo, will be on a daily basis, starting next Sunday from the Misr station at 5.55 am in Alexandria and at six in the morning. The train will move from the Sidi Gaber station in Alexandria to the Misr station in Ramses. Going to Sidi Gaber and Misr station in Alexandria.

These two dates will be determined in the daily operating schedules and with the successive arrival of the rest of the contracted trains. They will also be operated on the Cairo-Aswan line, next to the Cairo-Alexandria line, where 6 other Talgo trains will be manufactured for Egypt, which will arrive from Spain, respectively.

Talgo train ticket prices

Talgo train reservation details

Produce Telgo company
number of gigs 15 wagons
the speed 160 km / h


  • WIFI service
  • Pneumatic systems to absorb vibrations, in addition to seats and toilets for people of determination.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • It has displays and a fire alarm


Saturday From Ramses station (2 pm) to Alexandria station, the train will stop at 3:05 at Sidi Gaber station.

Sunday : At 5.55 am from Alexandria station to Ramses station in Cairo, the train will stop at 6.05 am at Sidi Gaber station

Reservation method

  • Reservation of Talgo train tickets The price of a first class ticket is 200 pounds, and the second class is 150 pounds
  • You can book through this link https://obs.enr.gov.eg/o-city/obs/enr/railway/ar/home
  • Then select the departure station and the arrival station
  • Then select the date of departure and then click search.
  • Then it will show you the train time, train number and ticket price.
  • The next step is to choose the seat number, then you will be transferred to the website and logged in by email to fill in the relevant information.
  • In the end, you pay for the ticket through electronic payment methods.

Ministry agreement with Talgo Company

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Transport signed a contract with the Spanish company Talgo, and that this contract comes within the framework of the directives of the political leadership to continue implementing the plan with the development and modernization of all elements of the railway system, including the fleet of mobile units, to provide the highest levels of service to citizens, to supply 7 new air-conditioned trains, which are 6 trains with a train that is a gift to the Egyptian people with a total value of 157 million euros, including a maintenance contract and spare parts.

Talgo train menu details

  • The passenger can register his meal request through their website www.egwst.com.
  • or through the Facebook page.
  • Or by calling the following numbers: 01211831959 – 01222744885.
  • Or send the meal code to be sent on the flight on the company’s WhatsApp 01001090097.

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