Who is Nahla Hamaki’s wife?

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Who is Nahla Hamaki’s wife?that artist who was known for his wonderful voice and his distinctive feeling, and through them he was able to reach a large fan base that crossed the borders of his country, Egypt, and reached all parts of the Arab world, and we will learn in this article on my articles site who is Mohamed Hamaki, and we will also get to know his wife Nahla, and how old she is. in detail.

Who is Nahla Hamaki’s wife?

Nahla Hamaki’s wife or Nahla El-Hajry is an Egyptian businesswomanShe was born in the seventies of the last century in the city of in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where she lived and grew up and studied business administration at the American University in the Egyptian city of Cairo. The artist, Mohamed Hamaki, after a distinguished love relationship brought them together, on December 7 of 2011 AD, then they separated in 2014 AD, but this separation did not last long, as they returned to each other in 2016 AD.

Nahla El-Hajry Biography

In the following, we will learn about a group of the most important details related to the biography of Hamaki’s wife, Nahla Al-Hajri, according to the following:

  • full name: Nahla Al-Hajry.
  • Date of Birth: unknown.
  • place of birth: In the city of Zamalek in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Nationality: Egyptian nationality.
  • Religion: Islamic religion.
  • current age: In her fourth decade.
  • social situation: married.
  • husband name: Mohammad Hamaki.
  • number of children: one girl
  • Occupation: business woman.

How old is Nahla Al-Hajri?

The exact age of Mrs. Nahla Al-Hajry, Hamaki’s wife, is not knownbut it is believed that she is in her fourth decade of life, and Nahla comes from a wealthy Egyptian family, and this is what made Hamaki delay in declaring his love for her, in order to improve his weak financial conditions, and to be able to propose to her and marry her.

How many children does Hamaki’s wife have?

Mrs. Nahla Al-Hajry gave birth to her husband, artist Mohamed Hamaki, a single daughterOn June 6, 2017, that is, only one year after they got back together, as their first marriage period did not produce children, although it lasted for 3 years.

Here we have come to the end of our article Who is Nahla, Hamaki’s wife?Through which we got acquainted with the most important details related to this Egyptian artist, and we also got to know his wife and children in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the nationality of Nahla Hamaki’s wife?

    The nationality of Nahla Al-Hajry, the wife of Mohamed Hamaki, is Egyptian.

  • How old is Mohamed Hamaki?

    The current age of the artist, Mohamed Hamaki, is 46 years old, as he was born in 1975 AD.

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