Who is George Wassouf’s second wife?

Who is George Wassouf’s second wife?
Who is George Wassouf’s second wife?

Who is George Wassouf’s second wife? The artist George Wassouf married twice, as both women differ in their religion from the other, and in the last hours the audience of the star George Wassouf began to search for information and the biography of his second wife, Nada Zidan, and we will provide you with information about George Wassouf’s second wife. She is Nada Shalimar, and who is her daughter, Oyoun, who became the talk of social networking sites in the past hours after the death of her brother Wadih.

Who is George Wassouf’s second wife?

She is a Palestinian woman interested in the field of sports. She was born in the State of Lebanon after her family moved to Lebanon due to the existence of the civil wars that arose in the country. She currently resides in the State of Qatar. She speaks the Qatari and Lebanese-Palestinian languages, in addition to being one of the personalities who excelled in Riyadh field in the past years and is currently working on teaching her daughter Oyoun the arts of some sports.

Neda Zidane’s religion

It is noteworthy that Mrs. Nada Zaidan is a woman of Palestinian origin, but she grew up in the State of Qatar with her family who decided to move to Qatar in the past years, and also holds the Qatari nationality and the Palestinian nationality, which threw the artist George Wassouf in a hospital where love fell between them, which led to The legal marriage resulted in the birth of a girl named Oyoun, and the marriage lasted for several years, when each of them separated from the other due to reasons whose details were not mentioned so far on news sites, and she decided to settle down with her daughter, Oyoun, and convert to Islam.

How old is George Wassouf’s second wife?

George Wassouf’s second wife is in the sixth decade of life, and no information has yet been available about her date of birth, as she maintains her personal life away from social networking sites, and she is also one of the famous personalities in the field of Riyadh in the Arab world, but she gained great fame as a wife The artist George Wassouf, as she married the artist George Wassouf in the twenties.

Who are the children of George Wassouf’s second wife?

The marriage to the artist George Wassouf, at a young age, resulted in a group of children, which numbered three children, and they are Wadih Wassouf, Hatem Wassouf, and also the last son of the artist George Wassouf, who is George News Wassouf, and also the child Ayoun from the second wife, Nada Zaidan, but the artist separated from both The couple, due to special reasons, and the children remained with their mothers, as his daughter Ayoun resides in Qatar, while their three sons reside in the Republic of Syria, and in the past hours, medical sources announced the death of the first son of the artist, George Wassouf Wadih.

Who is Shalimar, George Wassouf’s wife?

Shalimar Shalabi Wassouf, born in the sixties of the last century, was born in the Republic of Syria, and grew up in the middle of a Syrian family that is not well-known in the artistic community. She speaks Arabic and English in addition to the Syrian dialect. She holds the Syrian nationality. She studied the first educational stage in Syria in the village of Kafroun. She obtained a high school diploma, and he did not mention information about his scientific life. She currently resides in the Republic of Syria, accompanied by her three children, as she has been separated from her husband, artist George Wassouf, for many years.

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