Al Baik prices and menus in Saudi Arabia to provide fast food and the most important offers

To get acquainted with the prices and menu of Al-Baik, which is one of the important restaurants in the Kingdom. It was established in 1974. It extended during this long period to put its mark in fast food, everywhere its branches extend throughout the Kingdom, and therefore many may search for the meals offered by Al-Baik Restaurant, as well as with getting to know Prices and the most important branches that are distinguished by good service and other sandwiches, as well as types of sauces that are served with different meals. ALBAIK offers many offers that we know.

Al Baik Prices and Menu in Saudi Arabia

Al Baik branches are spread all over Saudi Arabia, and the restaurant enjoys a distinguished position in the fast food market in the Kingdom. It serves many meals, including chicken and seafood, which the restaurant has been distinguished for serving since its inception. It is distinguished by the quality and delicious taste that attracts many chicken and fish lovers in Saudi Arabia. Al Baik is served during This period and with the New Year’s holidays.

Al Baik menu offers

Many of the low-cost offers offered by Al-Baik are distinguished on holidays and various occasions, including New Year’s Day. Al-Baik offers:

  • Al-Baik shawarma with garlic sauce, four and a half riyals
  • Spicy fish fillet meal, 10 pieces of fish heart with potatoes and a piece of bread for 13 Saudi riyals
  • In addition to the famous garlic salad at Al Baik, worth 75 halalas.
  • Albake Premium Cocktail Sauce and Quarter
  • Saving meals, including chicken saving meals, which are known as naughty meals, chicken pieces with
  • Potatoes with bread and ketchup, valued at 18 riyals
  • Snack box meal of chicken and potatoes 30 riyals
  • Five-piece strips meal with fries and bread for 45 riyals
  • Many offers for sandwiches, rice meals and savings meals can be found in the following picture

Al Baik Prices and Menu in Saudi Arabia

Al Baik restaurant branches in the Kingdom

Many branches established by Al Baik restaurant throughout the Kingdom, including in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Buraidah, and others. In Makkah Al-Mukarramah there are more than one branch:

  • It is located in the Eastern District branch.
  • Umm Al-Qura branch, as well as in the Jabal Al-Nour branch.
  • And in Al-Otaibi neighborhood, Al-Diyafa Mall branch, and Al-Azizia neighborhood.
  • In addition to branches in both Riyadh and Madinah.
  • There are more than one branch in the city of Riyadh as well as Medina.
  • Yanbu branch on King Fahd Street.

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