Who is Anil Ailter, the Turkish actor who offended Saudi Arabia – Anil Ailter Wikipedia

Who is Anil Ailter, the Turkish actor who offended Saudi Arabia – Anil Ailter Wikipedia
Who is Anil Ailter, the Turkish actor who offended Saudi Arabia – Anil Ailter Wikipedia

Who is Anil Ailter, the Turkish actor who offended Saudi Arabia – Anil Ailter WikipediaWhere many social media activists interacted with the comment of the Turkish representative who was offensive to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which hosted the Riyadh Season Cup last Thursday, between the stars of Al Hilal and Al Nasr, and the French Paris Saint-Germain team.

And it was Anil Elter, He published a video clip, during the Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr match against Paris, to comment on this meeting, saying: “What do all the stars mean in Riyadh? Are you crazy? He spits her butt on the picture, and adds, “Damn you.”

Anil Ilter’s video, which offended Saudi Arabia

It is worth noting that Anil Eilter later deleted the offensive story that showed his hatred for the Riyadh season, after the massive attack he was subjected to by Saudi activists, before he closed his official account on the Instagram site.

One of the tweeters said: “A Turkish artist namedAnil ElterHe published a video in which he spoke of racism against the Arabs and the Kingdom’s hosting of the Paris Saint-Germain match, and as usual, the Saudis were a strong front in defending the Arabs through responses and reports until his Instagram account was banned and he came to Twitter apologizing. I hope our Arab channels do not show his work.

And press sources reported that the social networking site “Instagram” had banned the account of Turkish actor Anil Ilter after insulting Saudi Arabia.

Who is Anil Elter – Wikipedia

Name in Arabic: Anil Elter.

Name in Turkish: Anil Ilter

Astrological sign: Aries.

Place of birth: Huarmit – Kocaeli – Turkey

His date of birth: April 3, 1981.

Age: 39 years old.

Marital status: Married.

His marriage date: 2009.

Number of children: a girl named Neil.

His religion: Islam.

His nationality: Turkish.

His favorite sport: football.

His artistic beginning: 2010.

His first appearance: 2007.

Anil Elter A Turkish actor, born in Huarmit, Turkey, on the third day of April 1981. Anil is a 39-year-old born in Aries. He holds Turkish citizenship and converts to Islam. Since he was young, he loves acting, but he also loves football.

And after it’s over Anil Elter From his high school studies, he entered the Kocaeli Academy of Sports University, and he played football professionally in the professional season, but after graduating from the university, he found that he liked acting more than playing football, so he entered the field of art and acting, and that was by presenting some commercials .

As that Anil Elter He began to develop his acting talent, so he took many lessons and courses until he became a professional actor. The artist Anil Elter began his artistic career in 2007, which was his first appearance.

But the beginning of his main fame was in 2010 when the number of his fans and followers began to increase. When talking about his personal life, we find that he is married to Epic Elter and their marriage was announced in 2009, and he also has a daughter named Neil Elter. Anil participated in many TV series and works. The wonderful that we will show you in the following paragraphs.

Social media activists circulated the story of the Turkish actor, who embodied the role of “Engine”, in the series “You Knock My Door”, starring Handa and Karam Bursin, and he had shared it with his followers through his official account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.

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