Who is Joelle Mardinian Wikipedia

Who is Joelle Mardinian on Wikipedia? Joelle Mardinian is a female personality who works as a broadcaster on television channels, especially on MBC, as a beautician and beautician. She also has many achievements in her life, especially makeup and the way it is made. She also took an interest in the world of fashion and fashion, and through this We will discuss information about Joel’s personal life, her marriage, and her social media account.

Who is Joelle Mardinian Wikipedia

Joelle Mardinian is a broadcaster and media presenter who holds both Lebanese and Italian nationalities. She was born in Beirut, the capital of the Lebanese state, on November 27, 1977 AD at the age of 45. She became famous in the Arab world for presenting beauty and make-up programs on the MBC channel. She was appointed ambassador in the Arab Gulf. And the Middle East for a brand called Max Factor and also produced make-up bearing its name, and Joelle was famous for her experience in beauty and make-up since childhood, and this experience took her since her birth and she also moved to the world of fashion and beauty to study at a private beauty institute in London, and then worked in a salon, then moved to Emirates to be selected in advance of sports programs first, and then it was chosen to provide beauty programs.

Joel Mardinian Biography

Moreover, Joelle Mardinian is one of the most famous broadcasters in Lebanon, she has many TV programs, and she has gained wide fame for presenting beauty programs on MBC, and for this we find many of her followers and fans looking for her biography, which is as follows

  • His full name is Joel Mardinian.
  • And the English name is Joelle Mardinian
  • Then Alias ​​Joel.
  • Date of birth November 27, 1977 AD
  • Place of birth Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Then the age is 45 years.
  • Nationality Lebanese, Italian.
  • And the Christian religion.
  • Then the marital status is married.
  • The husband’s name is Kamal Kaddoura.
  • And the number of children 3 children (Billy, Ella, Naitin).
  • Then education I studied cosmetology.
  • Alma mater The Great Paint Institute, London.
  • And the mother tongue is Arabic.
  • Then the secondary languages ​​are English.
  • Sagittarius zodiac.
  • Profession: Broadcaster, businesswoman and beautician.
  • Then the awards were awarded as the best businesswoman award from Arabian Business magazine for the year 2008, the Woman of the Year award from L’Officiel Middle East magazine, the award for the best cosmetic clinic from the Joelle program, and the best businesswoman among the 500 Arab personalities chosen from among the lists of the most powerful Arab women.

How old is Joel Mardinian?

Joelle Mardinian is 46 years old, and she was born in Beirut, the capital of the Lebanese Republic, on November 27, 1977. Her name spread in the Arab world as a presenter of an expert in beauty, fashion, and style program on the MBC channel, which holds Lebanese nationality in addition to Italian nationality. Joel Alam adored Cosmetology and gained extensive experience in it thanks to her mother, who worked in this field.

Who is Joel Mardinian’s husband Wikipedia

Joel Mardinian went through the experience of married life twice, the first time was for a man who holds English citizenship and currently lives in London, but Joel did not go into many details about her relationship with him and gave birth to an old son, Billy, and her marriage to him lasted only 9 years, then she separated from him, and in 2010 she married Milady From businessman Kamal Kaddoura, who holds Lebanese citizenship, she gave birth to her daughter Sofia.

How many children does Joel Mardinian have?

Joel Mardinian has three children, Billy, Sophia and Nathan Mark, and Billy is her eldest son from her first British husband, while her daughter Sophia is from her current husband Kamal Kaddoura, but Joel surprised her fans, followers and friends in the artistic community with her strong desire to adopt a child she called “Nathan Mack”, This indicates her humanity, which is not known in the Arab community.

The most prominent achievements of Joel Mardinian

Joelle has achieved many achievements in the world of beauty and fashion, and she was also chosen in Italy to be the beauty queen because of her elegance and charming beauty. Among the most prominent achievements of Joelle are the following:

  • She was chosen to become Miss Italy in 1995 AD while participating in the fashion show that was organized in London and Italy.
  • He worked as a make-up artist in London with the most prominent stars in the European world and in the most famous beauty salons.
  • She was chosen on MBC in 2004 to start her life as a sports presenter, after which she worked on beauty programs as an expert in this field.
  • She was chosen to present the cosmetic program, and through this program she changed the lives of many women in the Arab world.
  • In 2008, she opened her first salon, which was called “Maison de Joel”, and its location is in Dubai, specifically in the Jumeirah region, after which other branches of this salon were established in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • She opened a private beauty clinic called “The Jewel Clinic”.
  • She produced an international makeup brand called “Joelle Paris”.

Joel Mardinian accounts on social media platforms

Joel Mardinian had a great influence on the Arab world through her social networking sites, where Joel has many followers and fans through these sites, because she shares pictures that characterize her reality through the TV program that she presents, and many of them include pictures and many beauty and fashion videos, as well as pictures of her With her family, husband and children on these sites.

  • Instagram You can follow Joelle Mardinian’s content on her Instagram account “”.
  • Twitter Joelle Mardinian can be followed on her Twitter account “”.
  • Snapchat You can see what Joelle Mardinian posts through her account on the Snapchat website “”.

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