The movie “Al-Hara”… Reality is as it is, not as we dream it

The movie “Al-Hara”… Reality is as it is, not as we dream it
The movie “Al-Hara”… Reality is as it is, not as we dream it

A catastrophe is the illusory image that the Arab community imagines of itself. The majority of Arabs consider their society to be angelic and virtuous, with no swearing, no extramarital sex, no homosexuality, no drinking of alcohol, no orgies, and no disbelief in religion or God. These Arabs think of themselves as companions and saints, virtuous and committed to traditions and religion, which is a pure fantasy.

We Arabs, like all peoples, are not equal. We do not share one opinion, one taste, or one tradition. Between us who is sexually satisfied in marriage, and between us is the playful husband or the plaything. Between us is the pious, the pious, the chaste, and among us are the ungodly and the corrupt, and among us are those who are between, a day for you and a day for your Lord, a day for wine and a day for commanding.

The illusory image that the Arabs imagine of themselves pushed them to practice collective repression and impose censorship on ideas and words as well as on literary, intellectual and cinematic production, both international and local. Internationally, whenever a non-Muslim presents an opinion, drawing, or action in which he belittles the stories, beliefs, or historical personalities of Muslims, Muslims revolt. A non-Muslim does not believe in the prophethood of Muhammad in the first place, nor in monotheism, nor in Islam, and expresses that in a drawing, book, or article. What he says is important, and if there is a day of reckoning in the Hereafter, he will have what his hands have reaped. But the Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims, expect all human beings to adhere to their opinion, to praise their beliefs, or for all non-Muslims to be silenced under pain of physical abuse.

In Arab countries, the repression is similar. It is forbidden for Arabs, Muslims or non-Muslims, to write books or articles, or to produce songs, plays, or films that do not conform to the traditions or beliefs of others, or that support homosexuality, or that show that Arabs are not companions or saints.

For the third time in less than a year, many Arabs cry out against a film that accurately reflects the Arabs and their society, after objecting to the Lebanese film “Friends and Not Dearest” hinting at sexual relations outside marriage and homosexuality, and after Palestinian lawsuits were filed against scenes of female nudity in “Huda’s Salon.” , The chorus of objection against “low values ​​and moral fall” returns to practice its screams and demands that the curators of the Jordanian movie “Al-Hara” be prevented and held accountable because of insults and hints at secret sexual practices between two lovers, as well as filming night clubs in which prostitution is spread and frequented by constellations of Arab youth. From the ocean to the bay.

For the second time in less than a year, Maysa Abdel Hadi stands in the eye of the storm, as she is the one who appeared naked (and fainted under the influence of anesthesia) in “Huda’s Salon”, and she is the one who cursed those who tried to borrow an advance from her in “Al-Hara”.

Any Arab knows perfectly well that Al-Hara accurately depicts Arab life. In Baalbek, Lebanon, which has conservative traditions, and in which it grew up at the same time and place in which the Lebanese Islamic “Hezbollah” was established, sexual relations, both homosexual and non-homosexual, were widespread, even in the most puritanical and religious corners of society, as was the consumption of hashish, alcohol, and other things. .

This does not mean decay, decline and regression, but rather that social engineering is impossible, and that societies that seek to deal realistically with human nature and its sexual lust, and seek to educate those who practice it on the advantages and dangers of this practice, are societies in which secret life shrinks in darkness, as in darkness it grows. Evil and crime flourish, whether honor or otherwise, while openness reduces the problems arising from oppression, shame, secrecy, and deprivation.

The time has come to reprimand those who criticize open-minded Arabs, and those who incite against those who try to portray the situation as it is, and those who ban opinions that differ from the opinion of the group. The time has come to provide all support and respect to the Arabs who seek to portray the truth, and to deal with people and their affairs as they are, not as the delusional people wish.

Adhering to the imaginary image of a virtuous Arab society is an old and chronic problem among the Arabs, and adhering to the illusion in general is what imposed, and still is, Arab failure and decline. Through the “Voice of the Arabs”, it became clear that the reality was a defeat, a defeat that did not slap the Arabs and force them to deal with reality, but rather perpetuated the Arab illusion that belittled it by calling it a setback, meaning that it was a temporary setback awaiting the certain victory that did not come until today, and will not come. .

It was likewise in Egypt, as well as in Iraq, whose army that invaded Kuwait was burned, along with the Kuwaiti Arab oil, and the “Lion of the Sunna” Saddam Hussein declared “victory with God’s help” in the “Mother of All Battles.” Likewise, in Beirut, “Hezbollah” declared a divine victory over Israel, while its leader did not dare to come out of his hiding place under the seventh land.

The Arabs’ endeavor to accept the truth and deal with reality as it is, not as they wish it, is the basis for getting out of the era of decadence in which they have been living for decades. Well, what did the films that terrified the guards of the Temple by presenting an image of the Arab reality as it is, with its kind words as well as obscene language, and depicting the exit It is about sexual traditions between members of the elite, as in “the best of friends,” and the less fortunate and the destitute, as in “al-Hara.”

The heavenly religions did not come to modify human instinct, but rather to help in dealing with it. If the teachings are far from reality, then religion and traditions are limited to imagination and poetry only, and reality becomes separated from intellectual, artistic and literary production. As for what is best, it is bridging the gap so that the tolerant Sharia and its traditions accompany the current time, and not demand blind obedience that the followers pretend to perform while they live secretly, contrary to what they show publicly.

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