A significant increase in the prices of fuel and diesel, exceeding one million…

A significant increase in the prices of fuel and diesel, exceeding one million…
A significant increase in the prices of fuel and diesel, exceeding one million…

With the insane rise in the exchange rate of the dollar on the black market, the fuel table issued this afternoon recorded a significant rise in prices, as the price of diesel oil exceeded one million pounds, and touched it with the price of the gasoline can.

The price of both types of gasoline increased by 50,000 pounds, diesel fuel by 50,000 pounds, and gas by 32,000 pounds, so that the prices are as follows:

– Gasoline 95 octane: 958,000 pounds.

– Gasoline 98 Okan: 982,000 pounds.

– Diesel: 1,007,000 pounds.

Gas: 613,000 pounds.

Abu Shakra

The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, confirmed in a radio interview that “the rise in the dollar exchange rate will affect fuel prices,” adding that “officials must cooperate in order to limit the collapse, because the gasoline plate will touch one million pounds.”

Syndicate of distributors of gas bottles and accessories

In turn, the Syndicate of Distributors of Gas Bottles and Supplies considered that “in light of the slipping of the exchange rate of the US dollar and the inability of gas distributors to continue working in this way, which causes heavy losses in the gas distribution sector, especially since this sector covers 85% of the local market’s needs for this vital substance.” And the basic, and since the sale of gas to the consumer takes place in Lebanese pounds according to the price installation schedule issued by the Oil Directorate, which leads to huge losses for the distributor when buying dollars from the parallel market due to the crazy price fluctuation, and therefore he cannot continue to bear these losses continuously, in addition to This leads to pricing chaos and the loss of the citizen and the distributor alike, and despite alerting the union and warning the relevant ministries against bearing the consequences of delay while waiting for promises to find solutions.

In a statement, the union called on the Minister of Energy and Water to expedite finding an appropriate and radical solution to this problem in light of the insane rise in the price of the dollar, especially the issuance of a price installation schedule in US dollars or its equivalent when purchasing from the parallel market, which avoids the distributor falling into the problem of exchange and price volatility. Suddenly, the issuance of the price installation schedule becomes two days a week based on the global oil market price only.

black market dollars

The exchange rate of the black market dollar recorded a significant increase this afternoon, and ranged between 54,000 pounds for sale and 54,250 pounds for purchase.


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