In the event of death in a car accident, how do the heirs pay compensation amounting to 40%?

In the event of death in a car accident, how do the heirs pay compensation amounting to 40%?
In the event of death in a car accident, how do the heirs pay compensation amounting to 40%?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Books – Mahmoud Amin:

The Egyptian Association for Compulsory Car Insurance was established in August 2019, by decision of the Financial Supervisory Authority, to eliminate the phenomenon of forging documents and manipulation of premiums and compensation values, a phenomenon that was causing the loss of the rights of those affected.

The supervision announced that this decision is in line with the explicit Law of Control and Supervision of Insurance No. 10 of 1981, where Article No. 91 of the executive regulations of the law stipulates that insurance companies may establish among themselves a pool to manage a branch of insurance or a specific insurance operation.

Al Majmaah stated on its official website that it began issuing its first documents on August 8, 2019 on behalf of all insurance companies, “members of Al Majmaah”. No entity inside Egypt is licensed to issue compulsory vehicle insurance policies except through Al Majmaah.

The issuance is done electronically by linking the traffic database and the compiler, and dealing directly with the traffic employees working at the traffic outlets.

The company pledged to quickly pay the insurance amount to the beneficiaries in the most flexible way, provided that the accident is real, the document is correct, and the official documents are intact.

It also confirms that the papers required for an amicable settlement are the same papers required by law and no change has been made regarding this matter, in addition to the fact that the presence of the document on the part of the pool facilitates the required data regarding the vehicle and the insurance period when submitting documents for the payment of the value of the insurance amount. The pool clarified the required documents in In the event of the death of the driver of the vehicle to pay compensation amounting to 40 thousand pounds, as follows:

– Notification of the Public Prosecution – Form 40 Public Prosecution – regarding the accident

– An official copy of the police report issued on the accident

The original death certificate + a copy of the deceased’s national ID

An official copy of the deceased’s inheritance notification

A copy of the heirs’ national ID + originals or copies of birth certificates for minors

The origin of the guardianship decision for minors, if any

A copy of the direct power of attorney from all the heirs for the applicants, and a copy of the power of attorney for the representative, if any, for the lawyer, with the submission of the original for viewing, and a copy of the identity verification for the applicants

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