A slight increase in gold prices in Egypt.. and 21 karat records 1770 pounds

Cairo – Mubasher: Gold prices rose in the local markets during trading today, Tuesday, in light of the rise of an ounce on the global stock exchange to the level of 1939 dollars, supported by the decline in the dollar and the yields of US Treasury bonds for 10 years, and amid investors’ anticipation of the release of preliminary reading data for the US services and manufacturing PMI. The markets are also awaiting the Federal Reserve’s decision regarding the fate of interest rates at its next meeting on January 31 and February 1, 2023, in light of the possibility that it will slow down the pace of interest rates and increase it by 25 basis points..

Saeed Imbaby, executive director of the iSagha platform for trading gold and jewelry via the Internet, said in a statement today that gold prices rose by 10 pounds in the local markets during today’s trading, and compared to the end of yesterday’s trading, so that a gram of 21 carat gold recorded the level of 1770 pounds, while an ounce rose on the stock exchange. global level of $1939.

He added that a gram of 24 karat gold recorded 2023 pounds, a gram of 18 karat gold recorded about 1517 pounds, a gram of 14 karat gold recorded about 1180 pounds, while a pound of gold recorded about 14160 pounds..

He pointed out that gold prices fell by 15 pounds during yesterday’s trading, Monday, as a gram of 21 carat gold opened transactions at the level of 1775 pounds, and fell to the level of 1760 pounds, while an ounce opened transactions at the level of 1924 dollars, rose to the level of 1928 dollars, and declined to the level of 1917 dollars. And trading concluded at the level of 1921 dollars.

Imbaby added that the local markets are still witnessing a state of calm with the stability of the dollar exchange rate in the local market, amid anticipation of the results of the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Egypt to settle the interest rate on deposits and lending on February 2..

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