Who is Nujood Al-Romaihi’s husband?

Who is the husband of Nujood Al-Rumaihi and Wikipedia, that brilliant and brilliant Saudi young woman in the fields of media and fashion, Nujood has succeeded in transforming herself into the center of attention of most women in the Arab world who want to achieve attractive and elegant looks that keep pace with the latest fashion trends. Social networking applications, it has content rich in pictures and cases related to fashion and the latest Arab and international fashion news that has earned him greater fame due to the fictional characters in the number of followers.

Who is Nujood Al-Romaihi’s husband?

The husband of the fashion designer, Nujoud Al-Rumaihi, is the Saudi businessman Abdullah Al-Rasheed, who owns many businesses in the Arab Gulf region. His wife’s trading company, which she founded in 2017, he also occasionally runs and another business with which he has had affairs since childhood, is now almost 33 years old.

Who is Nujoud Al-Romaihi on Wikipedia?

27-year-old Nujoud Al-Rumaihi is considered one of the celebrities and Snapchat users who gained great popularity by women who like her content and the content she provides because this content changed her life and helped her practice her hobby of wearing elegant clothes that attract the attention of fashion-loving women and photographing her with The Right content Musician through social media, Nujood Al-Rumaihi is known for her passion for exercise to maintain her body in order to stay fit for fashion, in addition to her love for photographing parts of her life and publishing them through her accounts.

How old is Nujood Al-Rumaihi?

Nujoud Al-Rumaihi was born in 1993, that is, he reached the age of 33. Nujood is also considered a Saudi daughter who enjoys her nationality, and she is one of the Arab celebrities who excelled in the field of media and modern fashion. How to choose and coordinate her clothes with a little care and attention, which made her famous for her large number of followers who want to learn how to achieve this Elegant looks.

The origin of the Nujoud Al-Rumaihi family is from Wayne

Nujoud Al-Rumaihi belongs to the Al-Rumaihi tribe, which was famous for its courage and generosity, and spreads throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the Al-Rumaihi tribe did not stop in Saudi Arabia, but rather extended to some regions of the Arab Gulf states Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, which includes titles belonging to the Al-Rumaihi tribe, such as (Maaloum family, The Jassim family, the Hashil family, the Mufaddal family and others – Mujahid, in addition to the Al-Rumaihi family).

Nujood Al-Rumaihi Biography

Nujood Al-Rumaihi is a Saudi figure distinguished by her elegance, and there are many Arab and Saudi women who are trying to reach the level of elegance and reach the level of ingenuity that Nujood enjoys in her ability to choose clothes and coordinate them with each other. Below we will include her biography, which is

  • His full name is Nujood Al-Rumaihi.
  • Born in 1993.
  • Then the age is 33 years old.
  • Work He works as an active model on the Internet, in addition to being the owner of a company that is concerned with fashion and fashion and organizes exhibitions.
  • And the husband, businessman Abdullah Al-Rasheed.

Nujood Al-Rumaihi account on Snapchat

Nujood Al-Rumaihi usually shares all the beautiful moments in her daily life, both practical and personal, with her fans on Snapchat. Follow this celebrity on Snapchat by directly searching for her name, nojoud_alrumaihi

Nujood Al-Romaihi on Instagram

Fashionista Nujoud Al-Rumaihi has her own account on Instagram and managed to get many followers who love the elegance of fashion and want to know the content of the best international brands presented by Sahar Nujood. Nujood uses her account on Instagram to publish everything related to her personal life, including photos and videos, in addition to clips of her. She plays music in order to create an entertaining atmosphere for her followers, which made her followers on Instagram reach 420 thousand followers and followers, and for everyone who likes, you can follow her account on Instagram if you are interested in fashion through the link “” to get all the new posts from Nujoud.

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