A mother causes her infant to die of suffocation.. An accident sparks anger in Italy

The Rome Message: Ekramy Hashem

A state of indignation and anger has swept, during the past few hours, the Italian society, due to a negligent accident that occurred in a government hospital in Rome, which resulted in the death of a suffocating infant. previously and resulted in casualties.

The incident also sparked a controversy among the pioneers of communication about health care for births

The story began when a nurse at the Bertini Hospital in Rome discovered the lifeless body of a newborn baby, next to his mother, who was sleeping on her bed in the hospital where the dead child was born.

When it was discovered that the child had died, the hospital staff was injured, and after preliminary investigations, it was found that the mother was exhausted and feeling very sick, while she was asked to breastfeed the newborn without follow-up or notice by the hospital’s nursing staff.

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Preliminary investigations showed that the mother (the mother of the child) fell asleep while she was breastfeeding her three-day-old newborn in a hospital in Rome. The infant suffocated and then died due to his inability to breathe, which opened a debate about health care for newborns in Italian hospitals.

Immediately after the accident occurred and was announced by the investigation authorities in Rome, a wave of anger and resentment erupted, especially on social media pages. Giving birth in those hospitals, with complete lack of attention and care.

One of the mothers said that she had to urinate on herself because the nursing staff did not help her, as she was unable to move from her bed.

And another published what happened with her, and she said that she had given birth to her child by caesarean section, and after less than twenty-four hours they forced her to stand up suddenly, and she fainted from the pain.

She added: “They say I had a panic attack because I was crying. Forced to go to the bathroom on my own, I can’t wash myself. At three in the morning I go to daycare and beg for two hours of sleep. They tell me: “You can’t do that.”

And a third wrote on her page what happened in front of her with a woman who was in the same room with her and said: “I was in a room with a girl who underwent a caesarean section and she was not feeling well at all. The first night they let his mother in, and the second they didn’t.

At her first call for help, the nurse told her she would have to get up and change her baby, because there would be no midwives in the house to help her.

The woman added, “I felt so humiliated towards her that I offered to change her baby and help her with whatever she needed.”

Another commented, telling her story of giving birth inside the hospital, saying: “Twenty-four hours after giving birth, I called the nurse to ask her to keep the baby for me, and she replied: “You have to make an effort, you cannot claim these things.”

She added: “They brought it to me at midnight, and I was born underweight and on a trolley, so I asked them to help me attach it to the breast, so he put it on my stomach and told me: “It is instinctive things that the child will do on his own.”

And on one of the groups dedicated to mothers on Facebook, a mother posted a comment on the incident of the suffocating child, saying:

“I was alone in a room with a woman who had just given birth to a child with very serious problems, I asked if I could leave the child in the nursery, it was time for me to wash, and the answer came calmly: “No ma’am, what are you going to do to wash at home? Are you calling the neighbor?!”

These frightening testimonies and hundreds of others put the health system in Italy in a dilemma and it suffers from a severe shortage of medical staff.

In the context of the event, the Public Prosecutor entered the line, charging him with premeditated murder, but without specifying the accused yet.

According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, bed-sharing is a risk factor for sudden and unexpected infant death (0-12 months of age).

In this regard, the research recommends a safe environment for the newborn to sleep in order to reduce the risks. Specifically, the research recommends the following:

“Lying on your back, using a firm, non-inclined lounging surface, and sharing a room but not a bed. It is therefore ideally recommended that for the first six months, newborns sleep in their parents’ room, close to their bed, but on a separate surface appropriate to the age and size of the child.

In the same report, the American authority expresses that it respects the parents’ need or choice to share the bed with the child, however, based on the available data, it does not recommend this practice under any circumstances, as in the case that occurred in Rome, bed sharing can occur permanently It is involuntary if the parents fall asleep while feeding the child, or in moments of special fatigue, so it is necessary for the parents to be particularly vigilant to avoid falling asleep.

In this regard, it is necessary to reiterate the importance of the support network around those who take care of a newborn, because at such a delicate stage, fatigue can occur at any time and affect the condition.

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