Who is the famous designer of short skirts?

Who is the designer famous for launching short skirts? The fashion of short skirts has spread greatly over the past years throughout the Arab and European worlds, and it is one of the modern fashions that exist at the present time. Many women wear these short skirts on all occasions, which spread in the century Twenty in Europe, and from there it spread all over the world, as the fashion world is full of many trends and fashions, but few of them make a big difference. An important point in the fashion world, including the design of short skirts, and in this article we will provide an overview of Fashion designer and designer best known for launching mini skirts and their history.

Fashion design

Fashion design is one of the arts applied to the design of clothing and it is part of human behavior that tends to satisfy its various needs and for this it uses its knowledge, skill and imagination to create what satisfies those needs, and there are usually two fashion seasons each year, one season is selected for the spring and summer seasons And one season for the fall and winter seasons, and among the most famous cities interested in fashion in the world are Paris, London, Milan and Milan, New York, and there are the most famous designers in history, such as the famous designer Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein.

Who is the famous designer of short skirts?

The famous designer for launching short skirts is Mary Quant, and this fashion was associated with her name, so the fashion for short skirts began to spread in European societies from the beginning and became accepted, then spread all over the world and became popular, and the fashion recognized in various societies, and this fashion still occupies a place High in the world of fashion, despite the great changes that have occurred in trends, tastes, and preferences, especially among short women, because it gives a sense of height as a result of showing part of the leg.

The birth and upbringing of Mary Quant

Mary Quant, a British designer, was born on February 11, 1930. She traveled with her parents when she was young to the city of London, where they moved to work as teachers, and there she studied painting at the British Goldsmiths University after obtaining a degree in art education and later discovered a hobby in design, Fashion itself and considered it a craft for her and began to make her own fashion instead of buying it from people’s tastes, and thus created the fashion for short skirts, in addition to designing the shorts that she invented later.

Information on Mary Quant Excellence

Mary Quant has distinguished herself in the world of fashion and fashion and has received many awards and accolades. Here are the most important facts about her

  • In 1963, Mary Quant won first place in the Dress of the Year award for excellence in innovation and fashion.
  • In 1966, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for her outstanding contributions to the world of fashion.
  • She received the award from Buckingham Palace for a short wool jersey dress.
  • In 1900, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Fashion Council of Great Britain.
  • She was awarded a Dame British Honors Award in 2015.
  • He was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2006 from Harvard University.
  • In 2000, Mary Quant resigned as Director of Mary Quant Cosmetics.

The history of the emergence of fashion short skirts

The fashion for short skirts appeared in the sixties of the twentieth century in Europe, because wearing such clothes was a kind of rebellion and liberation for women all over the world, and women were oppressed if they wore such clothes, and those fashions were completely rejected, and the appearance of the knee was in women from unlawful actions Decent and considered a terrible thing in Europe, and women were expressing their rebellion against the family and the restrictions imposed by society by wearing clothes, and the fashion for short skirts appeared by chance, with the emergence of the fashion for wearing trousers in public places on a regular basis, and it was limited to sports and daily activities, and this was strange and hated in societies european.

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