Government meetings to address the strike of formal education and the dollar warns of a price fire

Government meetings to address the strike of formal education and the dollar warns of a price fire
Government meetings to address the strike of formal education and the dollar warns of a price fire
The public sector teachers’ strike continues for the third week in a row, halting and closing the educational process in public schools.
And it was recorded, in March, a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Najib Mikati and attended by Minister of Education and Higher Education Abbas al-Halabi, Minister of Finance Youssef Khalil, Director General of the Ministry of Finance George Maarawi, Director General of the Ministry of Education Imad Al-Ashqar, and Advisor to President Mikati, former Minister Nicolas Nahas.

After the meeting, Minister Al-Halabi said: We discussed with the Prime Minister the requests of the Ministry of Education and the required appropriations, meeting the demands of teachers, ending the strike and returning to classes to save the academic year, and the points that will be presented to the next session of the Council of Ministers.
On the other hand, the price of the US dollar, which approached the limits of 55 thousand, raised fears of a price fire, starting with a gasoline plate whose price approached one million Lebanese pounds, amid a rise in the price of a bundle of bread, so that one hundred thousand could no longer buy more than two or two bundles. Three ties at the price of 26,000 Lebanese pounds.

An-Nahar wrote: It was not a fleeting and marginal development that the Lebanese were suffering from new hysterical, frightening numbers, with which the dollar and fuel prices soared, warning of more collapses. Amidst a frantic political and judicial atmosphere, the price of the dollar flared up yesterday, exceeding all ceilings, and touching 55,000 pounds in a stunning jump. In parallel, the prices of oil derivatives soared with the issuance of the oil derivatives price installation schedule, as the price of the gasoline plate rose by 50 thousand pounds and the diesel plate by 51 thousand, touching the ceiling of one million pounds.
The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shaqra, warned that the daily rise in the price of the dollar will be reflected in the price of fuel. He sounded the alarm, calling on officials to put their hands in the hands of each other, as the price of the gasoline price plate will reach one million pounds, and they have not moved a finger yet.
The head of the Food Commodities Importers Syndicate, Hani Bohsali, revealed that “we are witnessing a new episode of deterioration, and we are in a period of collapse, and prices will rise as much as the exchange rate rises.”

He said: The effect of importing does not have any problem as long as we can secure dollars, but the second problem, which we suffer from, is access to food and the citizen’s ability to secure foodstuffs.
And he believed that “no solution will be possible if we do not put the country on the right path, and the beginning is with the election of a president for the republic to put the country on the right path, and any talk other than that is a waste of time and disregard for the lives of citizens.”
He wished the officials to take matters seriously in order to alleviate the pain of the citizens.

I wrote “The Call of the Nation”. The strike taking place in the formal education sector means that 400,000 students have been out of their ranks for weeks, and their return depends on “the next cabinet session, which it seems will not be close,” says the Secretary of the Secondary Education Association, Hassan Khalifa, to “Nidaa Al Watan.” Khalifa affirms that “their strike is a cry. As no professor can secure the basic needs of his family with a salary not exceeding 7 million pounds, while the black market dollar is over 53 thousand pounds, and the gasoline plate is close to a million pounds. Pointing out that «their demands are the implementation of the pledges that the Ministry of Education and the government have already made during the past year. In addition to allocating a platform for public sector salaries, transportation and hospitalization allowances, and all these decisions need the Council of Ministers. And he concludes: «We do not want new gains, but rather the minimum that enables us to move and continue. So we are continuing to strike, because we cannot go back.”

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