Who is Khadija Asad’s husband?

Who is the husband of Khadija Asad on Wikipedia? Khadija is one of the Moroccan actresses who succeeded in presenting her roles creatively. She married the actor Aziz Saad Allah. After a period of her acting, Khadija contracted cancer and died of it when she was 71 years old. She has a distinguished series of works that left a beautiful imprint. Especially in the world of acting, one of her most famous works is the 2009 film Number One.

Who is Khadija Asad’s husband?

Khadija’s husband is the actor Aziz Saadallah, whom he got to know through the roles that brought them together and they lived a love story, after which he married her. And many of his successful works, whether in the theater or on television, are among his works: Saadak Ya Masouda, Brothers upon Brotherhood, Barq Ma Tasha, and he also wrote many films. Aziz Saadallah died in 2020 at the age of 70.

Who is Khadija Asad, her husband and children?

Khadija Asad is a Moroccan actress, born in the city of Casablanca in 1952 AD, and is one of the famous personalities in the world of acting and art in Morocco. She is the wife of actor and writer Aziz Saadallah. She wrote many of her artworks, which she was able to have audiences from all countries of the world. Through her acting on television, among her most famous works was the Lalla Fatima series, which was one of her famous works of art. She also participated alongside her husband Aziz in the 2009 movie Number One, and participated in many tournaments alongside her husband, as she was able to present a lot. From the programs on television, as for her children, she did not disclose any information about her children.

Who is Khadija Asad, her husband, and her children?

Who is Khadija Asad, her husband, and her children?

Khadija Asad Biography

Many people started searching for information about the details of the life of the artist, Khadija Asad, and what was related to her personal life. Information about the artist was collected and her biography is as follows:
Her full name is Khadija Asad
Birth year: 1952 year.
Age: 70 years of accomplishments.
Nationality: Moroccan.
Place of residence: Casablanca.
Her religion: Muslim.
Husband: Actor Aziz Saadallah.
Profession: Artist and writer.
Mother tongue: Arabic.
The most famous of her prominent works: Lalla Fatima Number One.

Aziz Saadallah’s artwork

The distinguished actor and artist has presented many television works, which varied between films and cinematic plays, and writing that won the admiration of many audiences. Among the most important television works presented by Aziz Saad Allah, the husband of the able artist and actress Khadija Asad, are as follows:
A play by your happiness, Masouda.
The play of brotherhood on the brothers.
Play keep your mind from madam.
Postman movie.
The series of positions.
A series of funny pictures.
Cartoon series.
The Doctor in Canada movie

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