Amira Shanab, the heroine of an accident in Sheikh Zayed, and the perpetrator was a banned dog

Amira Shanab, the heroine of an accident in Sheikh Zayed, and the perpetrator was a banned dog
Amira Shanab, the heroine of an accident in Sheikh Zayed, and the perpetrator was a banned dog

Amira Shanab.. That name has topped the search indicators on Google during the past hours, after the accident caused by her dog.

Princess Shanab

Egyptians’ searches for Princess Shanab increased, in light of their desire to know the details of the incident related to Princess Shanab, which took place during the past hours.

Princess Shanab accident

And the pioneers of social networking sites “Facebook” shared the story of Muhammad Moheb, who occupies the position of manager in an international bank, who was attacked by a “pitbull” dog, belonging to one of his neighbors in the house, Chef Amira Shanab. Moheb”, he was transferred to a hospital in October and fell into a coma from which he has not yet recovered.

While uncle “Moheb” revealed that the incident occurred at 3 pm in the entrance to the building while he was outside the door of the house, the neighbor’s dog pounced on him and bit him and fell on the ground, in addition to that he completely cut off his right arm, and the next day my nephew underwent an operation, but it stopped. His heart stopped working and he fell into a coma as a result of the anesthetic injection. He was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Princess Shanab accident

Hind, the daughter of the artist Saeed Saleh, revealed a catastrophe caused by the dog owned by the artist Amira Shanab and her children, through a post written by Hind through her account on the social networking site Facebook.

Hind said: “Muhammad Moheb Al-Mawy, the husband of my dear friend, Eman Abdel-Mohsen, and the father of Ali and Alia..a boy and a girl like the moon..a successful manager in a global bank. His luck is that the broadcaster Amira_Shanab , who is presenting the program Princess_in_the_Kitchen , lives under him..and who has a dog, “Pitbull.” Huge muscles that are forbidden to be imported internationally, and although he really loves animals, this dog was always attacking him up and down, and he used to say that it was very difficult for him, that he did not take enough care in improving behavior, and that he attacked everyone he saw.

And she added: “Last Sunday, Moheb decided to knock on Madame Amira’s door to ask them to control their dog a little bit, instead of workers attacking them like this from behind the short wall, which is very normal. He stayed with one word. This predatory dog ​​came out from behind it and attacked Moheb at the entrance to the building where his son Ali was standing and tried to redeem his son..The dog literally preyed on him without exaggeration.

And she continued: “Bite in the arm, thigh, and separate places of the body, which resulted in a penetrating cut in the tendons and nerves!!! Suddenly, the whole entrance was left with blood!!! Of course, his son is standing and seeing all this happen to his father. To Dar Al Fouad Hospital because it is the closest major hospital to them.. After the tests, they confirmed that he would need a nerve transfer from the foot to this arm that was torn off.. After performing the required medical examination, Muhammad entered the operating room, and as soon as he was given the anesthetic injection, the heart stopped for about 30 minutes!! “.

And she added: “He entered a coma and was given heart shocks and transferred to intensive care. The operation was postponed indefinitely until he returns to life again. The sad thing is that he has not returned to consciousness yet.

Princess Shanab comment

While the presenter, Amira Shanab, refused to comment on the incident, saying: “When the man performs safety, God willing, a statement will appear that clarifies the issue in full, explaining that she is following his condition at the present time.”

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