Who is Haider Al-Faili, the Kuwaiti husband of Ghadeer Al-Fahd? a witness

Who is Haider Al-Faili, the Kuwaiti husband of Ghadeer Al-Fahd? a witness
Who is Haider Al-Faili, the Kuwaiti husband of Ghadeer Al-Fahd? a witness

The activists caused an uproar on social media, during the past hours, after a video clip documenting the moment of the marriage of an Iraqi activist, to a Kuwaiti young woman, spread with an imaginary dowry and dowry.

The Iraqi young man, residing in Finland, Haider Al-Faili, was tying his marriage to the Kuwaiti young woman, Ghadeer Al-Fahd, who was wearing a soft wedding dress.

The official holds the marriage, and says in an audible voice that the dowry is a kilo of 21 karat gold, and the butt is one billion euros.

While some of them mentioned that he meant one billion Iraqi dinars.

The matter sparked widespread controversy among the activists, some of whom criticized the exaggeration of the dowry and the butt, while others considered that the matter was not worth the uproar.

“The bride is not happy”

And the comments stated: “It was mentioned that she is of Kuwaiti nationality and her dowry is normal for Iraqis, including Kurds. They write a kilo of gold or more, and it remains in the knowledge of the unseen. He gives it to her, or he suffices with a net and the backside so that she does not divorce, and proves the good faith of the husband that he will not divorce her.

And another wrote: “As long as we follow the Sunnah of God and write, we say to them a thousand congratulations only. God, her facial expressions are sad. And in the corners of her eyes there is heartbreak, as if there was someone in her heart she wished for, and there was no share between them.

The last opinion agreed with him, saying: “What matters is the gold and the butt as much as it matters the girl’s joy on a day like this. Every girl knows that there is awe and fear about the marriage contract, but if she was happy, it would have been clear on her features.

A follower said: “Why do I feel oppressed by each other?”


Another claimed to know the girl. And she wrote: “The girl was from the category of Bidoon, and she was living in Kuwait, and she immigrated with her family to Finland years ago .. She has a son and a daughter from two marriages that ended in divorce. She is now a Finnish citizen, and she lives her life. She did not extend her support to anyone, and she married an Iraqi who lives there. May God grant her success and happiness, and no one interferes with her.”

Another said: “I do not know how to bless her for marriage, nor congratulate her for her divorce. Explicitly exaggerated extravagance and encourages the wife to divorce, and this, from my point of view, is a very big mistake.”

It is worth noting that the official figures recorded in 2020 regarding marriage cases showed that male and female citizens from Kuwait married others of more than 22 different nationalities.

The figures indicated that among the marriages, male and female citizens married non-Arab Asians and Africans, as the marriages of 9,968 females and 10,774 males were documented.

According to figures issued by the Central Department of Statistics for documented marriages, the number of marriages of male and female citizens to foreigners amounted to 1,780 cases.

The figures show that there are 487 Kuwaiti women who married foreigners.

In detail, 207 female citizens married Saudis, 8 Bahrainis, 21 Qataris, 8 Omanis, 6 Emiratis, 65 of unspecified nationalities, 35 Iraqis, 9 Yemenis, one Somali, two Sudanese, and 5 Jordanians. , 19 Egyptians, 20 Syrians, 5 Lebanese, one Palestinian, and one case of marriage to other Arab nationalities.

In addition, 34 cases of Kuwaiti women were married to husbands of non-Arab Asian nationalities. And 3 cases from non-Arab Africans, 10 from Europeans, 15 from Americans, and 12 from other countries.

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