Who is Sheikh Imad Al-Moubayed?

Who is Sheikh Imad Al-Moubayed?
Who is Sheikh Imad Al-Moubayed?

Who is Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed and Wikipedia? Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed is one of the most famous sheikhs and preachers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also works on creating Islamic religious content through his YouTube channel, calling on young people to religious commitment and giving Quranic evidence or simplified hadiths to them, but recently a short video of Sheikh Imad circulated Al-Mobayed directed to the head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, in which he explains the danger of holding promiscuous parties and night dancing, which are only acts of immorality that anger God and His Messenger, so searches increased in Google and social media platforms to find out the biography of Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed, so here we will present the most important Personal information about him and what is the truth about the video spread.

Who is Sheikh Imad Al-Moubayed?

The Islamic imam and preacher Imad Al-Mobayed was born in one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was born in the seventies of the last twentieth century. He joined the Faculty of Islamic Fundamentals of Religion in one of the Saudi universities, where Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed was distinguished by sufficient information in the fundamentals of religion, jurisprudence and Islamic studies, which qualifies him to give lectures and seminars For Islamic preachers for all age groups in the Arab world, he also represents one of the founders of the religious (preachers) association, where the preacher Imad Al-Mobayed has long experience in the religious advocacy field for more than twenty-five years, which is characterized by sobriety, clarity and transparency in delivering words and religious topics to people through his accounts Personal, including YouTube.

Biography of Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed

Sheikh and preacher Imad Al-Moubayed follow the example of a wonderful personal career full of successes that bring him closer to God Almighty, by publishing meaningful and important religious topics through social media platforms, and one of the most prominent personal information about him.

1/ Full name: Emad Abdel Moneim Al Mobayed
2/ Place of birth: Medina, Saudi Arabia
3/ Date of Birth: Seventy-fifth of the twentieth century.
4/ Nationality: Saudi Arabia
5/ Religion: Islamic
6/ Age: forty-eight years
7/ Occupation: Islamic preacher, mosque preacher, imam, and maker of religious content
8/ Marital Status: Married
9/ Residence: in the city of Riyadh
10/ Academic qualification: PhD in Islamic faith and Islamic jurisprudence

A video of Sheikh Imad Al-Mobayed to King Salman Al Saud

In recent years, he issued a decision to hold lyrical and promiscuous concerts in the lands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in one of the famous places. YouTube, explaining the need to stop these loud, shameless parties that anger God and His Messenger, as well as keep people away from worshiping God, striving, having fun and playing in the world, and these actions are contrary to the Islamic religion, just as our Saudi lands are the front and kiss of worshipers and the purest spot on earth, to raise a state of evidence and questions By the Saudi public, the strong reaction and many comments on the video.

The most prominent works of Sheikh Imad Al-Moubayed

The Saudi imam and preacher, Imad Al-Moubayed, owns several religious works and publications of religious books and wonderful thoughts, aiming to guide people on the right path and the ideal guidance of God Almighty, to be considered one of the most prominent sheikhs residing in Saudi Arabia through his wonderful works.

1/ He worked on the religious program (Thoughts), which embodies the social and religious issues that occur on the ground, and this program also achieved high views in all parts of the Arab world, due to its presentation of the most important religious topics and the achievement of many successes.
2/ He has a book (Scenes from Life), this book presents the most prominent live scenes from our lives over which people wrestle, and talks about religious and social titles.
3/ The book (The Islamic State and Modern Challenges), so that this book highlights how to establish an Islamic state and the obstacles it faces due to the modern revolution and the difficult challenges in it.

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