Who is Dr. Imad Saad Allah? Wikipedia – Al Hayat Mix

Who is Dr. Imad Saad Allah? Wikipedia – Al Hayat Mix
Who is Dr. Imad Saad Allah? Wikipedia – Al Hayat Mix

Who is Dr. Emad Saadallah, Wikipedia? The liberal party is the political party that is seen as the seed of democracy in the world because it consists of people with democratic beliefs such as civil society institutions, human freedom and democracy, and the liberal party expresses the development of democratic societies in the world, a world similar to the political direction chosen by people in advanced democracies.

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Who is Dr. Emad Saadallah, Wikipedia?

Who is the doctor and what is the most important personal information he has? He is one of the few specialists in modern medicine, which is called injection therapy. It is a newborn science born from laser cosmetology, or the president of the British Academy specialized in plastic surgery and injection therapy. He also owns a group of centers specialized in plastic surgery. .

Biography of Dr. Imad Saadallah

  • the name: Emad Saadallah.
  • NationalityHe holds Egyptian nationality.
  • place of birth: Born in Qena within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • OccupationHe is a plastic surgeon who specializes in the field of cosmetic injections.

The most prominent personal information is Dr. Imad Saadallah

  • Dr. Imad Saadallah owns many companies specialized in the manufacture of cosmetics from the UAE, Dubai, to the UAE and Kuwait.
  • Dr. Emad Saadallah announced that he will participate in the presidential elections of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which will be held in 2024.
  • Where this news was met with a lot of ridicule from the Egyptians.
  • Who believed that he was not a man with sufficient confidence and experience to take over the administration of a country the size of Egypt.
  • Many accusations were leveled by the people of the town of Dr. Imad Saada in Qena.
  • Dozens of songs were released insulting the doctor and his decisions.

The foundations of the Liberal Party

  • Economic freedom: Liberals believe that economic freedom is the basis for progress and prosperity
  • And that the state should play a lesser role in the economy, encourage the private sector, and provide a competitive environment for business.

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