Who is the husband of Princess Iman Al-Hussein, his religion and nationality?

Who is the husband of Princess Iman Al-Hussein, his religion and nationality?
Who is the husband of Princess Iman Al-Hussein, his religion and nationality?

Who is Princess Iman Al-Hussein’s husband, his religion, and his nationality? The Queen, the mother of Princess Iman Al-Hussein, shared through her official account on the Instagram platform yesterday, Wednesday, the dress of her daughter, Princess Iman, and assured the audience that Prince Iman is still putting the final touches before her wedding, as the wedding dress was designed by the most famous fashion designers in The world, and that the Queen is keen that her daughter, Prince Iman, wear the most beautiful dress on her wedding night, as Prince Iman’s engagement ceremony was announced in the middle of last year.

Who is the husband of Princess Iman Al-Hussein, his religion and nationality?

Jamil Alexander Termouts, who was born in 1994 AD, in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently resides in New York in the United States of America, where he graduated from the Business School of the University of Washington, and speaks many languages, including Arabic, English, and Greek, and works as a businessman in financial services in New York, and it is mentioned that his origin dates back to Greece. He began his working life in investing money in a group of large companies until he became one of the most famous personalities in the field of investment and trade. The husband of Princess Iman Al-Hussein is twenty-eight years old.

The religion of the husband of Prince Iman Al-Hussein

The religion of Princess Iman Al-Hussein’s husband is not known yet, and no information has been released about her wife about his religion, but Princess Iman Al-Hussein’s religion is Islamic and that she is a citizen who grew up in a Muslim family interested in the teachings of the Islamic religion, and her husband may embrace the Islamic religion as well, and that Princess Iman’s family is interested in Their daughter’s husband embraces the Islamic religion, as her husband grew up in a non-Muslim country and does not care about Islamic customs.

What is the nationality of Prince Iman Al-Hussein’s husband?

Princess Iman Hussein holds Jordanian citizenship, and since her husband holds American citizenship, being an American citizen, he grew up and was born in America, and her family has resided in the United States of America for years, and despite that, it is mentioned that her husband settled for a long period of time in Venezuela with his family, and some of those close to Prince Iman confirmed She is staying with her husband in America after completing the wedding ceremonies, which began on Wednesday.

Who is Princess Iman Al-Hussein Wikipedia

Iman bint Abdullah II, born on the twenty-seventh of September 1996 AD, holds Jordanian nationality and the Islamic religion, speaks Arabic and English and her original Jordanian dialect, and is currently studying at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where she previously studied at the Academy International conferences in the capital, Amman, she was one of the most prominent personalities that her father participated in international conferences and royal events, which were constantly appearing with her father and mother. Didn’t work it out.

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