Who is Dina, sister of Queen Rania? That’s all we know about her

Who is Dina, the sister of Queen Rania?From right to left: Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, Elham, mother of Queen Rania and Queen Rania
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Since the announcement of Princess Iman’s wedding date, all eyes are on Jordan, specifically on the family of Queen Rania and King Abdullah. From here, questions abounded through Google search engines to get to know Queen Rania’s sister. Therefore, we will tell you in the following all the information that we know about Dina, the sister of Queen Rania.

Distinctive moments in the life of Princess Iman bint Abdullah

Who is Dina, Queen Rania’s sister?

  • Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, whose full name is Dina Faisal Sidqi Al-Yassin, was born in 1967.
  • Dina is the eldest of her siblings, Queen Rania, who was born in 1970, and Majdi Faisal Al-Yassin, who was born in 1971.
  • Dina, the sister of Queen Rania, is the daughter of Elham Al-Rasikh and the Palestinian doctor, Faisal Sidqi Al-Yassin.
  • With regard to the nationality of Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, it is obvious that she is like her father, who holds Palestinian and Jordanian nationalities.
  • Queen Rania’s sister got married in 2010, and therefore many followers may be wondering about the husband of Dina, Queen Rania’s sister. So, you just have to keep reading to get to know more about Dina’s husband, Faisal Sidqi Al-Yassin.
  • The husband of Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, is the former minister, Sharif Ali Al-Zoubi. He was born in 1963 and held the position of Minister of Justice, Industry and Trade in various Jordanian ministries.

Who is Dina, Queen Rania's sister?From right to left: Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, Elham, mother of Queen Rania and Queen Rania
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Stages of the evolution of Queen Rania’s beauty over the years

After you got to know Dina, Queen Rania’s sister, what do you think now to take a look at the following lines, to get to know more about Queen Rania, where you will find information that you may not have known about her before.

Who is Queen Rania?

  • Rania Faisal Sidqi Al-Yassin was born on August 31, 1970 in Kuwait. Her parents are of Palestinian origin.
  • She studied Business Administration at the American University in Cairo, then returned in 1991 to Amman, where her parents also moved after the Gulf War.
  • She used to work in the marketing department at Apple Inc.
  • At a dinner party sponsored by Prince Abdullah’s sister at the time in 1992, her life changed forever! She got married after only a few months, and today she has 4 children: Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem.

Queen RaniaImage Source: Queen Rania’s Instagram

Queen RaniaImage Source: Queen Rania’s Instagram

  • The first project of Queen Rania Al Abdullah was the establishment of the Jordan River Foundation in 1995.
  • In 2005, she and King Abdullah launched the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Educational Excellence.
  • In 2007, UNICEF awarded her the title of “Outstanding Advocate for Children”, becoming the first recipient of this title from UNICEF.
  • In 2008, she launched the “Madrasati” initiative, which aims to renovate and restore 500 Jordanian public schools. She is also the president of the Royal Society for Health Awareness…

Queen Rania

  • She is active on social media, from Facebook to YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, where she has more than 4.2 million followers to date.
  • There is no doubt that she is one of the most elegant queens in the world, as her style has never stopped evolving and has become a Source of inspiration for everyone. It adopts the fashions of the most prominent international houses, and does not hesitate to encourage Arab houses as well.

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