Who is jerry maher wikipedia

Who is jerry maher wikipedia
Who is jerry maher wikipedia

Who is Jerry Maher? The Arab country is full of many names and personalities who have been able to achieve many achievements in various fields, the most prominent of which is the journalist Jerry Maher, who is considered one of the most important and famous media figures in the State of Lebanon.

Especially the one who presented many different programs during his career, and possessed qualifications that helped him achieve many achievements, and in these lines we will learn more about who Jerry Maher is.

Who is Jerry Maher Biography

Jerry Maher is also considered one of the most controversial political figures in Lebanon, as he reveals many scandalous facts that are hidden from the media. In this regard, a list of the most important information about him will be attached as follows:

  • His full name is Jerry Maher.
  • Born in Lebanon.
  • Where he was born on the first day of March 1986 AD.
  • He is also thirty-seven years old.
  • Moreover, he holds the Lebanese nationality.
  • He also embraces the Islamic religion.
  • He also works in the field of journalist, media and politics.
  • Where he started his professional career since 2005 AD, and he is still continuing to work with it until this moment.
  • His offensive stances against the issues that are being exposed in the region are considered one of the things that helped his fame the most.

The most important achievements of the journalist Jerry Maher

He is the Lebanese journalist who was able to achieve various achievements during his career, and he revealed many Iranian plans, through which it had a role in the siege of Bahrain and Kuwait, moreover, it resulted in the arrest of many elements that are present in the party. God, and in the following we will learn more about the most important achievements of the journalist Jerry Maher, which are:

  • It is mentioned that he shed light on the Lebanese influence in the Arab region.
  • Moreover, he was able to talk about the Hezbollah and Houthi militias in Yemen.
  • Also, this Lebanese journalist has taken it upon himself to reveal the Iranian plan and its ambitions.
  • In addition, he published a lot of information that was useful in the siege of Kuwait and Bahrain.
  • There are many important achievements that he has achieved, and this is what made him one of the most important journalists in the world.

What is the religion of Jerry Maher?

After the great fame achieved by Jerry Maher, many people asked for more information about the political activist, such as his age and religion, and he is now thirty-six years old, and he was able to achieve great success despite his young age and became one of the most prominent political journalists in The Arab world, he also grew up in a conservative family that embraces the Islamic religion, so he embraces the Islamic religion and is a Sunni Muslim.

Who is Diana Fakhoury, wife of Jerry Maher?

Diana Fakhoury announced during the past few hours that there is a relationship between her and the General Manager of Voice of Beirut International, called Jerry Maher, and this prompted many of the media audience, Jerry Maher, to search for her, and from this point of view, the most important information about her will be discussed in the following :

  • Her full name is Diana Fakhoury.
  • I was born in Lebanon.
  • Born in the year 1981 AD, where I was born on the twenty-eighth day of July.
  • She is forty-two years old.
  • She also holds Lebanese citizenship.
  • In addition, she received her undergraduate education at the American University of Beirut.
  • She also works in the field of correspondence, journalism, and news reporting.
  • Where she works for Radio Cairo and the People, and the Lebanese MTV channel.
  • She is also proficient in speaking Arabic, French, and English.

Diana Fakhoury

What is Jerry’s religion?

Likewise, politician Jerry Maher is considered one of the most famous Lebanese personalities for his strong and interdependent relationship with decision-makers in various Arab Gulf countries and Europe. It is also said that he is close to a group of international intelligence and security services, as he managed to publish many tweets about the most important security issues and information. Which contributed to contribute to the blockade of Iran with its influence in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iran.

This caused the arrest and deportation of many people affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah. It should also be noted that there are many individuals who believe that politician Jerry Maher converts to Christianity, but this belief is considered wrong, as he actually converts to Islam.

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