Ancelotti announces his desire to remain coach until the end of his contract

Ancelotti announces his desire to remain coach until the end of his contract
Ancelotti announces his desire to remain Real Madrid coach until the end of his contract

The Italian Carlo Ancelotti, coach of the team, expressed his conviction that he would end the current season with a great title that would allow him to complete his contract with the club until June of 2024, before realizing that if the administration decided not to continue it at the end of the current season, he would also be “extremely grateful.” life”.

And the Real Madrid coach confirmed during a press conference on the eve of the El Clasico against that his future depends on “an assessment that the club must make, and I have said many times that I will stay in Real Madrid for life, but this is impossible, as it is a decision that the club must make at the end of the season.” whatever happens”.

Ancelotti added: “All my thinking is that I want to continue and I hope that happens. What the club decides about me is not that important. I enjoy all the days that the club keeps me within its walls. Whether it is 3 months or 3 years, I will enjoy it and I will be grateful for life until the end.”

Ancelotti wants to complete his contract with Real until 2024

He continued, saying, “The accepted and written rules are also changing. Imagine how the unwritten rules can be changed. I am convinced that we will achieve something big this season.”

We will play with an offensive plan in El Clasico

Regarding the El Clasico match scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, Ancelotti confirmed that his team will play with an “offensive” plan in the Camp Nou, refusing to talk about winning the title in favor of Barcelona in the event of not winning tomorrow’s match.

“We have to enjoy the moment and be the protagonists of an important match. You can only win if you are able to bring out your best in all aspects, individual and collective, defensive and offensive,” Ancelotti stressed.

We have to see Barcelona as a lion, not a cat

The Italian coach added: “Tomorrow we have to see Barcelona as a lion and not as a cat, because if you think he is a cat it will be a party. It is an important match, and we must fight in it until the end, and be committed and strong to do our best.”

El Clasico is the kind of match in which Ancelotti does not hide that he feels “fear and anxiety”, especially in the “two hours leading up to the match”, which he stressed are “the most complicated”.

The Italian tried to send an optimistic message before El Clasico, saying: “The data shows that we do not have an advantage in the King’s Cup and in LaLiga, unlike the Champions League, but I don’t know what could happen. Tomorrow we can reduce the advantage in LaLiga, and this is what we think about today. We think.” In winning the match, what will happen if we don’t do that, we’ll think about it later.”

We have become more solid in defense and more effective in attack

Ancelotti highlighted the moment his team is going through, saying: “Since January 22nd until now, the team’s performance has been very good, and the physical and technical data confirm this. We are also in a good state of mind and completely excited about what can happen in the next three months.” “The tactical side has improved, the team has become more solid in the back line and more effective in attack. It is possible to do well until the end.”

Ancelotti: Benzema will be ready for El Clasico

And after Karim Benzema passed the medical test positively on Saturday, and completed the training session with his teammates, Ancelotti confirmed his participation in the El Clasico, and stated: “It’s okay, he will play.”

Barcelona is a very strong team in the back line

Regarding the scenario of the match that Ancelotti expects at the Camp Nou, he said: “It is very difficult to predict tomorrow’s match, because everyone has his story. Barcelona defended a lot in the Copa del Rey because they advanced and thought about defending in the second half. Now depending on how the match goes, if he scores One of the teams scored an early goal, the game could have gone differently.

Carlo stressed that Barcelona is “a very strong team in the back line,” and that they “conceded very few goals,” thanks to “an important collective commitment that allowed them to win matches, during which they suffered a little more than usual.”

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