Who is Ghadir Al-Fahad, Wikipedia?

Who is Ghadeer Al-Fahd and Wikipedia? Social networking sites and social media buzzed during the past few hours when the news of Ghadeer Al-Fahd’s divorce spread. Ghadeer Al-Fahd’s marriage took place a very short time ago, and this is what made all followers of Ghadeer Al-Fahd search for the reasons for the students because Ghadeer Al-Fahd is one of the famous personalities The very one who presented a lot of television works and has a long-standing audience from various Arab countries. Ghadir Al-Fahd’s marriage contract was the morning and evening talk on social media, and the name of Ghadir topped the first search engines on Google because of the value of the dowry that Haider Al-Faili gave her.

Some news circulated in the past hours that the value of the dowry that Haider gave to Ghadeer Al-Fahd on the day of the century contract amounted to about one billion and 78 million dollars, and this sparked a very great controversy. The duo Haider Al-Faili and Ghadeer Al-Fahd lived a very strong love story, and despite that, the end of the love story was Which lasted for a long time before the marriage contract with divorce, and during the following report we explain to you the reasons for the divorce and who is Ghadir Al-Fahd Wikipedia Follow us.

Who is Ghadir Al-Fahad, Wikipedia?

Ghadeer Al-Fahad is an actress of Kuwaiti origin.
As Omar Ghadeer: Ghadeer Al-Fahd’s age is 31 years old, and she was born in 1992. She is from a Saudi mother and a Kuwaiti father, and she holds a Finnish passport.
Ghadeer’s ex-husband: Muhammad Al-Otaibi, and she only gave birth to her only son, Ibrahim.
Religion: Sunni Muslim.
Sisters: Munayer Al-Fahad, who is the sister from the father’s side only.
Residence: Finland.
Current marital status: divorced.
The beginning of Ghadir’s artistic career in 2013, when she participated in the series Al-Malafe’.
Ghadir presented many very famous series and plays, including the Basma Manal series, Al-Omar is a moment, Aziz’s revenge, the Snapchat play, and other successful works.

The reason for the divorce of Ghadeer Al-Fahd

The pioneers of social networking sites live in a state of astonishment and amazement at what happened, which is the divorce of Ghadir Al-Fahd from Haider Al-Faili, shortly after the marriage took place in about two weeks, and this made many followers of Haider and Fahd search for the reason for the students, but the followers did not reach any information because the duo They did not announce the reason for the separation. During the marriage contract, all those present were surprised when the official read the terms of the marriage contract that the value of the delay set by Haider Al-Faili amounted to one billion euros, and this is equivalent to about a kilo of 21 carat gold, and this came as an expression of Haider’s appreciation for Ghadir and the extent of his love for her. This sparked criticism around them, and there was a group of supporters of the decision and a group of opponents, and that this value is large and exaggerated.

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