“The dollar has exceeded the threshold of one hundred thousand pounds”… Many questions from Hajj Hassan

“The dollar has exceeded the threshold of one hundred thousand pounds”… Many questions from Hajj Hassan
“The dollar has exceeded the threshold of one hundred thousand pounds”… Many questions from Hajj Hassan
The head of the “Baalbek-Hermel” bloc, Representative Hussein Hajj Hassan, indicated that “a few days ago, Hezbollah, and before it the Amal Movement, announced our support for the candidacy of Minister Suleiman Franjieh, as he is a natural candidate, and he has the qualifications and the possibility to reach the presidency of the republic.”

Hajj Hassan said: “Our support is based on clear rules in our political work, which is the adoption of a serious and natural candidate who works to reach him, and we support him and work to deliver him.”

During a political meeting organized by the Public Relations Department of “Hezbollah” in the Bekaa, in cooperation with the sector in the town of Shaath, Hajj Hassan stressed that “any party in the House of Representatives cannot alone secure a quorum of 86 deputies to elect the president, so there is no choice for the political forces.” Parliamentary blocs are nothing but dialogue, discussion, and calm and purposeful understanding. Unfortunately, the second party insists on rejecting dialogue and understanding, and by refusing dialogue it knows that providing a quorum is not available for any party, which means that it insists on obstruction, and therefore it is responsible for the exacerbation of crises in Lebanon.

He added, “The other team has moved from criticizing the quorum, to refusing to secure the quorum, and this means that the other team, by refusing dialogue, is either drawing interference from outside, or is waiting for the outside to tell it what it should do.”

And he renewed the call for “there to be a national dialogue leading to the election of a president in isolation from external pressures and dictates, with a true national sovereign decision, so that we can get out of this crisis, prejudicing the interests of the Lebanese.”

He continued, “The economic situation is deteriorating rapidly, and the dollar has exceeded the threshold of one hundred thousand pounds, and here many questions arise about the economic truth. Are there only economic reasons for the deterioration of the exchange rate? Or is there someone who is driving this deterioration with political backgrounds and goals to put pressure on reality, the environment and society.” .

He revealed, “There are advantages that we hope will continue regarding the issue of gas exploration and drilling in Block No. 9. This is what was reported in the parliamentary committees, and we hope that this will be accurate, correct and consistent, and that it will not be delayed again by the pressure and siege of the Americans, which is an achievement that would not have been achieved a year ago had it not been for the situation.” The strict resistance to the issue of demarcation and the right of Lebanon to explore, drill and extract oil and gas, which took place months ago with the Karish equation.

And he considered that “investing Lebanon’s gas and oil wealth constitutes one of the most important gateways to solutions to the economic crisis, for Lebanon to become a country that invests in its natural resources, preserves and defends them, and benefits financially from them to alleviate the severity of the economic crisis, and restores the economic cycle well, through Lebanon becoming a state.” It is a producer of natural resources and its economy is not dependent or dependent on the outside.

And he believed that “the Zionist entity in Palestine is in crisis and has become helpless in front of the axis of resistance, while the Palestinian resistance is brilliant and escalating after 75 years of usurping Palestine and attempting to Judaize it, and after 75 years of trying to waste the Palestinian right and the Palestinian cause.”

Regarding the agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the auspices of the State of China, Hajj Hassan said: “It is a good step in the interest of the two countries, the two peoples, and all the peoples and countries of the region, by securing an area of ​​stability, understanding, convergence and prosperity. The reaction of the Zionists indicates the harm that this agreement has inflicted on the Israeli Whoever benefits from any conflict between any two Arab and Islamic countries, and any agreement that takes place, is a slap in the face of the Zionist enemy whose policies, along with the Americans, are based on division.

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