Demonstrations on the anniversary of the revolution in northern and southern Syria

Demonstrations on the anniversary of the revolution in northern and southern Syria
Demonstrations on the anniversary of the revolution in northern and southern Syria

Thousands of Syrians in the north and south of the country participated in demonstrations marking the twelfth anniversary of the start of the revolution in Syria. What was remarkable was the raising of the Ukrainian flag alongside the flag of the revolution, which was raised by the demonstrators.
The leader of the Syrian opposition, Muhammad Sarmini, told the German News Agency: “Thousands of people from the regions of northern Syria under the control of the opposition took part in demonstrations confirming their commitment to the approach of the Syrian revolution, for which they went out 12 years ago, chanting their first slogans for which they set out.”
Sarmini added, “Youths and children who were born during the past years participated in the demonstrations, including the son of a martyr and the brother of a martyr. This indicates the continuation of their revolution’s approach despite all international changes.”
Ahmed Hassan, a university student in the city of Al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, said: “Today we go out chanting the slogans and slogans that were launched at the outbreak of the revolution (the people want to overthrow the regime)… a demand that we will keep repeating despite all the destruction and devastation caused by Russian planes and the Syrian government forces.” And artillery on all Syrian regions.
Hassan added, “Today, the people of all of Syria, who fled to the regions of northern Syria, participated in the demonstrations, from the people of Daraa, Damascus and its countryside, Homs, Hama, Idlib and Deir ez-Zor, chanting one slogan: (The people want to overthrow the regime – we shall perish and not be ruled by Assad).”
Abd al-Razzaq Abdullah said in the city of Sarmada in the northern countryside of Idlib to the German News Agency: “The visit of the head of the regime (Bashar al-Assad) to Russia is evidence that our revolution is against the Syrian regime and against Russia, which supported him with all force, and increased its support for him during his visit before days”. He added, “We raise the flag of Ukraine alongside the flag of the Syrian revolution, as confirmation from the Syrians of confronting Russia and the regime.”
He continued, saying, “We announce our position on the side of Ukraine, which is fighting a war against the invading Russian forces, and the Syrian president announced that his regime stands with Moscow in its war against Kiev.”
And in Daraa Governorate, southern Syria, dozens of people took part in a demonstration across several neighborhoods. Nasr al-Mahamid told the German News Agency: “We celebrate on the eighteenth of March the anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution in Syria, but we went out to stand by all the rebellious cities and towns in the regions of northern Syria.”
Al-Mahamid added, “The Syrian regime is seeking to exploit the disaster of the earthquake, to end its international isolation, and we call on all Arab countries and friends of the Syrian revolution to refuse normalization and recognize the regime that killed tens of thousands, destroyed cities, and abandoned its people.”
Yesterday (Friday), all the cities and towns of northern Syria witnessed demonstrations, during which the participants carried flags and banners of the Syrian revolution. Participants emphasized the “continuation of the revolution until it achieves its goals, demanding the overthrow of the regime and demanding the disclosure of the fate of tens of thousands of detainees in the prisons of the government forces.”