“Letters to Trump”… a controversial book by the former US president

“Letters to Trump”… a controversial book by the former US president
“Letters to Trump”… a controversial book by the former US president

Former US President Donald Trump is preparing to publish a new book next month, titled Letters to Trump.

The book includes 150 letters sent by famous people to Trump, as the former president will include letters he received from presidents and members of the royal family, including the late Princess Diana, world leaders, celebrities and businessmen, in his new book.

Among the names that will be present in her speeches in the book are former presidents such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, in addition to world leaders, including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The book, due to be published on April 25, will also include letters from Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, former Senator Ted Kennedy and the late US golfer Arnold Palmer.

One of the letters was written by Oprah Winfrey after Trump sent her an excerpt from his book The America We Deserve, which was published in 2000 before he became president.

In the book, the former president wrote that his first choice for vice president would be Oprah Winfrey. He added: Americans respect Oprah and admire her intelligence and interests. She has inspired millions of women to improve their lives, go back to school, learn to read, and take responsibility for themselves. If Oprah isn’t in office, I’d love to have someone like her.

Long before entering politics, Donald Trump lived an extraordinary life, said Sergio Gore, president and co-founder with Donald of Winning Team Publishing. No book sheds more light on his famous relationships than Letters to Trump.

He added that each letter in the book was carefully chosen by Trump and added his comments to the letters in the book.

The former US president of the far-right newspaper “Breitbart News” said about what is expected of the book that he believes that readers will read about a very wonderful life.

“Letters to Trump” will sell for $99 unsigned, or $399 with his signature, similar to the exorbitant price tag for his other book, “Our Journey Together,” which is primarily an account of Trump’s time in the White House.

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