Who is Ghadir Al-Fahd Biography?

Who is Ghadir Al-Fahd Biography?
Who is Ghadir Al-Fahd Biography?

Ghadeer Al-Fahd The Kuwaiti actress, who occupied social media in the last hours, after the news of her separation from her husband. She is one of the famous personalities in the Arab world, as she presented various works of art, including series, films and plays. Which sparked the curiosity of many followers to know her. This is what we will present in the following lines via a Gulf site, starting with the biography of the artist Ghadir, as well as the reason for Ghadir’s separation from her husband, Haider Al-Faili.

Who is Ghadir Al-Fahad?

Ghadeer Al-Fahd is a Kuwaiti actress, born to a Kuwaiti father and a Saudi mother in 1992. She is nearly thirty years old. She entered the world of acting through the series Al-Malafe’ in 2013, then she played distinguished roles in various works of art, including the play “Snapchat” and the movie “Basma Manal”.

Ghadir Kuwaiti

Ghadir Al-Fahd Biography

The biography of actress Ghadir includes the following:

  • Name: Ghadir Faisal Al-Fahad.
  • Born: 1992.
  • Nationality: Kuwaiti.
  • Religion: Islamic.
  • Age: (30-31) years.
  • Profession: Actress.
  • Marital status: separated.
  • Husband’s name: The first husband, Muhammad Al-Otaibi, and the second husband: Haider Al-Faili.
  • Number of children: one, and his name is Ibrahim Al-Otaibi.

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Ghadeer’s most important artwork

The most prominent works of art presented by the artist Ghadir are the following:

  • Lifetime series.
  • Elaine series today.
  • Tarban series.
  • Dear Intifam series.
  • Also a Snapchat play.
  • Basma Manal movie.

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The reason for the separation of Ghadeer Al-Fahd from her husband, Haider Al-Faili

The reason for Ghadir’s separation from Haider Al-Faili is the lack of harmony and compatibility between the two, as Al-Faili appeared in a video on Instagram, confirming that the divorce had taken place in an amicable manner, and wishing Ghadeer a happy life. It is new to note that their marriage lasted only two weeks after they had loved each other for a long time, and there was no mention of any news about the backlog, which is close to a billion euros.

Ghadeer Instagram account

You can follow the Kuwaiti actress, Ghadir, through her Instagram account, ghadir.alfahad. As her followers share many photos about her daily life, as it is possible to learn more news on this topic by following the previous link.

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common questions

Who is Haider Al-Faili?

Haider Al-Faili is an Iraqi influencer and activist on social media.

How old is Ghadeer Al-Kuwaiti?

The age of Ghadeer, the Kuwaiti actress, is around 30 years old.

At the end of our article, we got acquainted with Ghadir Al-Fahd Biography We mentioned to you the most important information about her, and we also learned about the reason for her separation from her husband, Haider Al-Faili, after a marriage that lasted only two weeks.

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