A surprise at gold prices in Syria today.. Sunday 3-19-2023

Gold prices in Syria today, Sunday, March 19, 2023, witnessed new changes in the price of a gram of gold in the Syrian goldsmiths’ markets, as gold is considered one of the most precious metals with a high value, and gold has always been the focus of investors’ interest in forex trading or the gold exchange and perhaps as a savings, whether it is jewelry It is made in the form of ornaments and jewelry or in the form of raw gold, as well as people who are about to get married.

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Gold prices in Syria today, Sunday 3-19-2023

These prices are from the Craftsmanship Association for Goldsmithing and Jewelry Making in Damascus, updated on today, Sunday, March 19, 2023, without adding workmanship, and the price of gold workmanship in Syria may differ from one goldsmith shop to another, which is: (the jeweler’s wages for each gram of gold artifacts).

Gold prices today

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today.. 3-19-2023

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Sunday, March 19, 2023, witnessed changes in the buying and selling price in Saudi riyals against the US dollar, as we present to you gold prices today in Saudi Arabia within the local market, and gold price expectations in Saudi Arabia today in Saudi riyals, and gold is one of the most important precious metals that you use. Ladies in jewelry and jewellery, the Saudi gold market today or even the global one is not limited to the interest of women only, as gold trading in Saudi Arabia receives the attention of all societal groups.

In the following table, we present to you the price of gold in Saudi Arabia today, Sunday 3-19-2023, and we keep up, moment by moment, the price of gold now in Saudi Arabia, depending on the economy or the stock exchange of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for each of the different calibres (24-22-21-18-14-10) and the most important of them Or the most traded and interested among people is the price of 21 karat gold in Saudi Arabia, and now with a detailed table that shows direct gold prices in Saudi Arabia through the following table.

Gold division tips for buying

Invoice When buying a gold pound: you must obtain from the seller a tax invoice containing the following:

Commercial Registration No.

Tax card number.

The invoice contains a serial number.

The invoice is an original and “carbonated” back.

Gold prices today

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Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today.. 3-19-2023

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