Peasants’ Syndicate: The state seeks to bridge the gap in crops, balance the market, and satisfy the farmer and the consumer – investigations and files

Hussein Abu Saddam, head of the Farmers Syndicate, confirmed that the approval of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, to set a guarantee price for the purchase of corn, soybean and sunflower crops is the first step to achieving self-sufficiency in strategic crops in the long term, stressing in his interview with Al-Watan that The current prices are largely satisfactory to farmers and achieve a good profit margin, and contract farming will be a lifeline to bridge the gap in crops and create a balance in the market that satisfies the farmer and the consumer, and to the text of the dialogue:

First of all, what do you think of the government’s decision to announce guarantee prices for corn, soybeans and sunflowers?

– This decision is the first step to achieving self-sufficiency in important strategic crops in the long term, which caused a major crisis during the current year and affected the citizen, whether in a loaf of bread or in poultry, whose price has increased significantly, and it confirms what many demanded. Farmers need to support the farmer by receiving his crop instead of importing, which is controlled by stakeholders in always opening the door to import wide.

“Abu Saddam”: setting a guarantee price for the purchase of corn, beans and sunflower crops, which motivates farmers to plant them

How satisfied are farmers with the new prices for soybeans, corn and sunflowers?

– Setting a guarantee price for the purchase of the white maize crop at 9 thousand pounds per ton, and a guarantee price of 9500 pounds per ton of yellow maize, and setting a guarantee price for the purchase of the soybean crop at 18 thousand pounds per ton, and for the sunflower crop at 15 thousand pounds per ton will motivate farmers to increase the cultivation areas. These crops, as these prices are very satisfactory and achieve a large profit margin for farmers, although they are about 30% lower than the prices at which these crops are currently sold, but these prices can be increased in the event of an increase in the prices of these crops at the time of supply, and they are not subject to decrease, which reassures Farmers contracting to grow these crops, and encourage them to grow these crops only, and guarantee that they will not suffer losses in the event of low prices of these crops.

How do you see the selection of those particular crops for their collateral price announcements?

– Egypt is in dire need to increase production of these crops, due to their utmost importance in the feed industry and oil production, and because we drain a lot of hard currency in filling the deficit from these crops, as we import about 50% of our needs of maize, and we import about 80% of our needs from Soybeans, sunflowers and about 98% of our needs for oils.

Can we bridge the gap in these crops in the future?

Announcing a guarantee price before planting crops was an urgent demand among those interested in agricultural affairs. It was actually achieved on the ground for the first time during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which deserves our praise and gives rise to hope for a better future for the agricultural sector. If we follow this approach, we can reach it soon. To reduce the gap between production and consumption of these crops, and we can be self-sufficient in the long term.

What are the demands of the peasants to achieve this?

– The contractual prices of strategic crops must continue to be announced during the winter and summer season, and the Egyptian state should not stand idly by again, and turn to import again, as it is the easiest path, while in Egypt there is a good area of ​​​​land that can suffice the needs of the market, provided that the system is adhered to. Marketing, as well as the provision of agricultural production requirements of improved varieties, fertilizers and good agricultural guidance.

Egypt needs to increase the production of crops used in the fodder industry and the production of oils to reduce dependence on imports

Wheat price forecast

The price of wheat announced by the government, which was announced at 1250 pounds per ardab, is satisfactory and achieves a profit margin, but the state must also look at the international price at harvest time and review the announced pricing decision, and that the local product of wheat be the basis, as local wheat is of higher quality than The imported wheat is less expensive in transportation and storage. An acre of wheat has an increase in profit this year compared to last year, reaching 5 thousand pounds. This year, there is a great demand for wheat cultivation, and the price is now 1250, which is remunerative, satisfactory, and very respectable. The quantities supplied to the government will increase.

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