The Dutchman was 30 years ahead of him.. Who was the Egyptian astronomer who predicted the Turkey earthquake?

While the predictions of the Dutch earthquake specialist Frank Hogerbets occupied the minds of people in various countries of the earth, the daughter of a late Egyptian aviation engineer detonated a surprise of a heavy caliber.

The daughter of the engineer, Mohamed Salem Matar, confirmed, in exclusive statements to and, that her father is the author of the theory of planetary alignment and its relationship to the occurrence of earthquakes that the Dutch scientist spoke about, and that what Hogerbets is talking about is not new, as her father preceded him 31 years ago. years.

Hana Matar indicated that her late father was an aviation engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Department of Aeronautical Engineering in 1972, and studied astronomy, and was interested in the relationship of the moon and planetary associations with earthquakes, and wrote about it after the 1992 Egypt earthquake.

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She explained that Hoggerbets recently talked about Venus having a strong influence in the occurrence of the earthquake, especially in the period of conjunction of the planets with the Earth, and also Jupiter has a role, which her father mentioned through articles published through some Egyptian and Arab scientific journals.

She also pointed out that her late father predicted devastating earthquakes in the region in February after nearly 30 years through an article he even warned of a frightening millennium, which is what actually happened in Turkey, due to the conjunction of planets with planet Earth.

She also confirmed that her late father earlier predicted in February 1994 the occurrence of earthquakes after a month and a half, and his prediction was already fulfilled in June 1994, and she also mentioned that her father indicated in one of his articles that earthquakes could be expected before they occurred by monitoring the movement of the planets and the position of the moon It can be expected months in advance, not hours or minutes.

In her speech, Matar noted that the Dutch scientist admitted that her father had already mentioned the relationship of Venus to earthquakes, through his tweet.

Hogrepets, who has become a social media celebrity, had recently published an ominous prediction in which he believed that, due to the geometric convergence of the Earth with several planets, the planet would be threatened in the month of March by several earthquakes.

Many experts and studies have confirmed previously that the date of earthquakes cannot be predicted, although it is possible to determine their location based on the history of regions and their location on seismic activity plates around the world.

Many scientists have also criticized the theories of Hogarbits, denying the issue of linking the movement of planets and their position to seismic activity. Hogrebit’s theories and predictions about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not supported by mainstream science, and the vast majority of seismologists and geologists do not consider his claims credible.

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