The high price of eggs and poultry raises the resentment of citizens

The high price of eggs and poultry raises the resentment of citizens
The high price of eggs and poultry raises the resentment of citizens

Yesterday, Saturday, the Ministry of Economy announced the approval to raise the prices of eggs and poultry products in the country by a maximum of 13% under the justification of “maintaining food security in all state markets.” Citizens, especially those with limited income, were discontented, in addition to the fact that this increase came near the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. .

The head of the Arab Family Organization – President of the Association of Sociologists, Jamal Obaid Al-Bah, said, “It is known that the price that rises is difficult to come down again, but the question is, are our prices like the rest of the Gulf countries or more? And have you studied its economic effects on people with limited income?”

Muhammad Al-Marri said: “Unfortunately, decisions are always issued without taking into account several things, the first of which is the cost of living, noting that the UAE is one of the most expensive countries, and this has a negative impact on the economy, directly and indirectly as well.”

“I aspire to see an analysis of the impact of decisions before taking them, especially this type of decision,” he added.

The owner of the “Al-Sultan” account commented on this by saying: “Unfortunately… I notice the increase and it does not decrease, no matter how low the inflation is, no matter how low the fuel prices are… the materials rise and do not decrease.”

Amal wrote: “Restoring companies themselves after the Corona crisis with a lie about the timing of the price hike and the Ministry of Economy’s approval of it at the expense of the citizen’s responsibilities and the failure of its committees to consult graphically for people with limited income, deducting from them what is not right. In the decision, it is an injustice to the citizen. The citizen has scheduled budgets that are not recognized by the mill of life’s necessities and harshness. its circumstances.”

Abdullah Saif said: “I don’t think it will be subject to review as long as there is an increase. The problem is that everything has risen and rises from time to time, but the salaries are fixed, especially the old retirees.”

Ghassan wrote sarcastically: “Thank you very much to the Ministry of Commerce for compensating the loss of merchants at the expense of the employee, and the salary can no longer be tolerated. Vegan is the best thing like sheep, or we eat fodder for short.”

For her part, Wadha Al-Marri commented by saying: “Prices are constantly rising and the economy. If you went down to the market and saw the prices, you would have known that the rise in the last two years had reached more than 13 percent. No one knew the merchants other than the Saudi people of the campaign to boycott high commodities, and God is the helper.”

And the Ministry of Economy had announced in its statement that raising the prices of eggs and poultry, as temporary, and that the extent of the need to continue its application will be assessed within 6 months.

And she said: “In the event that the reasons for it are absent in light of developments in the local, regional and global markets, then it will be canceled or amended.”

The ministry stated that this step was taken in response to a request submitted by a number of companies working in this field in the country to the Ministry of Economy to raise prices. In light of the fact that it incurred large losses during the last period, as a result of the high production costs and production inputs from imported fodder and other materials.

The ministry stated that it had carried out an analytical study to verify the demand in cooperation with a specialized advisory team on the cost of egg and chicken products, which concluded that the justified increase ranges between 13 and 20 percent.

According to the Ministry of Economy’s statement, this increase would contribute to protecting poultry and egg companies and farms from the negative effects of the high costs of producing these products and mitigating their impact, thus helping the continuity of the business of these companies.

The ministry indicated that the 13% rate is a simple and justified rate that is in line with the high prices of these products regionally and globally, and that it is a well-studied rate in light of the high prices of raw materials and the requirements for the production of eggs and poultry.

Last year, feed prices increased by rates ranging between 60% and 80% globally, as a result of the disruption of supply chains, and the cessation of grain exports from Ukraine as a result of the war launched by Russia against the latter in February 2022.

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