Meat prices today, Sunday 3-19-2023, in Egypt

Meat prices today, Sunday 3-19-2023, in Egypt
Meat prices today, Sunday 3-19-2023, in Egypt

Meat prices witnessed a state of stability today, Sunday, March 19, in the Egyptian markets, various commercial chains, butcher shops and various markets.

Meat prices today

Mohamed Rihan, a member of the Butchers Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that there has been a continuous rise in meat prices during the recent period, without any convincing reasons.

Meat prices today, veto

High prices of meat in the market

Rihan added, in exclusive statements to “Veto”, that meat prices have increased by 20 pounds in the market over the past few days, and the price of Canadian meat ranged between 250 to 280 pounds, but now it ranges between 260 to 300 pounds per kilo.

He pointed out that the prices of calves recorded about 120 pounds per kilo, mutton meat ranged between 120 to 130 pounds, camels ranged between 180 to 210 pounds, a kilo of lamb liver ranged between 260 to 270 pounds, and the price of a kilo of Hilla kebab ranged between 250 to 270 pounds per kilo.

He explained that the markets are witnessing an increase of 10 pounds per week in the price of a kilo, at a time when the markets are suffering due to the stagnation in buying and selling.

Meat prices in consumer complexes

The prices of fresh and frozen meat in consumer complexes increased, to 135 pounds for Sudanese meat, and the price of frozen Brazilian meat almost doubled, to 120 pounds, instead of 65 pounds per kilo.

Sources at the Ministry of Supply said that the rise in meat prices inside consumer complexes is due to the rise in meat prices in the free market, which in some areas reached 270 pounds and reached 300 pounds in other regions. The price of Brazilian meat in the free market has reached 150 pounds per kilo.

The reason for the high price of meat

The sources added to “Veto” that the reason for the rise in Brazilian frozen meat is due to the high price of the dollar, in addition to being basically a process of supply and demand, given that there is a great demand for Brazilian frozen meat by citizens due to the high prices of fresh meat in the market.

The sources pointed out that Brazilian meat is of high quality as long as it is preserved in a proper manner, explaining that feed prices are the main reason for the high prices of meat, poultry and eggs.

frozen meat

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade confirmed that 3,990 tons of frozen meat had been contracted, and 90,000 heads of cattle had been contracted, and 29,398 of them had been received so far, noting that the strategic reserve of Sudanese live meat is sufficient for 12 months.

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