Add black gold to your jewelry collection for a contemporary, glamorous look

Add black gold to your jewelry collection for a contemporary, glamorous look
Add black gold to your jewelry collection for a contemporary, glamorous look

When it comes to jewelry, everyone knows about classics like gold And sterling silver, these two timeless and classic metals are the first choice for anyone looking to invest in jewelry but although these two metals will never go out of style, newer metal combinations are starting to catch the eye of jewelry lovers.

Modern metals (such as white gold and rose gold) are some of the newer metals that have seen a rise in popularity. Although both are derived from gold, they are unique in their appearance. These modern variations are ideal for those who are looking for modern looking pieces, in recent times. Recently, another group of gold began to witness a significant rise in interest from those looking to obtain a bold piece that complements their jewelry. Black Gold Alfred.

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black gold

  • Black gold is the latest jewelry trend that attracts jewelry wearers who are looking for something new and unusual.
  • Black gold is really gold but has been altered by the manufacturers, by mixing yellow gold with a darker metal (primarily cobalt) so that a dark, smoky color can be achieved with subtle hints of its golden origin.
  • You can also achieve black gold by simply plating yellow gold or covering it with a black finish.
  • While the results may be similar and the process may require extra care to prevent the paint from fading but since black is already a classic, black gold is the perfect way to add something new to your look.

Versatile black gold options

  • One of the problems with wearing gold or silver jewelry is the fact that you can rarely mix and match metals with it, one choice often means that you have to stick to the same metal throughout your entire look.
  • with black goldYou can easily wear any other metallic piece for a seamless combination, these pieces can also be paired with a variety of outfits and colours.
  • Black jewelry can add a touch of elegance to a formal outfit or a hint of boldness to a casual outfit.
  • No matter what you’re wearing, you can trust that black gold will be the perfect complement to your look.

Investing in black gold

  • Since there are different methods of obtaining black gold, you can be sure that the gold side of your jewelry will remain resistant and free of tarnish.
  • Black gold can be created by plating white gold or yellow gold with black rhodium plating. This plating makes the jewelry more resistant to scratches and tarnishing than regular gold.
  • The black coating on these pieces acts as a shield to the gold and will protect the gold layer underneath from damage, although this may require replacement in the future, you can be sure that this piece is durable enough to last.

Black gold is distinctive and elegant

  • When people think of jewelry, they rarely think of black gold pieces, usually, the thought goes directly to the most common metals on the market, but in fact this color would be unexpected on gold to add something different to your outfit or jewelry collection.
  • The black color of this jewelry gives it a distinct look that stands out from the traditional gold or silver jewelry and a unique look that has not been replicated yet.
  • Black gold gives a sharper look and is a modern surprise and stands out from classics like yellow gold or silver.

Black gold is classic and elegant

  • Black gold jewelry has a timeless quality, which means it will never go out of style and can be worn for many years to come.
  • Although these pieces are new, they are protected by the fact that their coloring will always be versatile, no matter the style ahead.
  • As with clothing, black gold will always have a place in your jewelry collection.
  • It can be easily matched with any other piece or outfit, although it is too early to know the influence of black gold on jewelry trends, there is no doubt that black gold has become a classic.

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