A serious accident prevents a Syrian girl from closing her eyes for two years, and Turkish doctors end her tragedy (video)

A serious accident prevents a Syrian girl from closing her eyes for two years, and Turkish doctors end her tragedy (video)
A serious accident prevents a Syrian girl from closing her eyes for two years, and Turkish doctors end her tragedy (video)

A young Syrian girl was able to survive and regain her health naturally after a serious accident she suffered in the camps of the northern countryside of Aleppo, which caused her severe burns in many parts of her body, which made her lose the ability to close or move her eyelids and eat properly.

And according to what was published by the “Anatolia Agency”, the 11-year-old girl, Shahd Al-Sheikh, recovered again in the hospitals of the Turkish city of Antalya, after her body and face were burned to a large extent after the gasoline ignited in the fireplace she was sitting near in Syria, and the flames flew across her face.

The agency indicated that the child “Shahd” underwent many surgeries in Antalya hospitals, with the support of philanthropists, humanitarian organizations and relief associations (AHMİMDER), as the burns covered 40 percent of her body.

At the beginning of the accident, Anatolia indicated that the little girl was transferred to the states of Malatya, Izmir and Istanbul for treatment, before she was recently brought to the city of Antalya for surgery.

After the surgery, “Shahd” underwent an operation by plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist Dr. “Yilmaz Cik” and his team in a private hospital, where the operation was successful and the Syrian girl was able to close her eyelids, which she could not move for two years, and she was able to eat comfortably after the burn.

Shahad: I will be able to sleep again

During a video interview with the Anatolia correspondent, Shahd Al-Sheikh said: Her treatment cannot be done well because her family does not have sufficient financial capabilities, and she was also unable to close her eyes and eat well because of the burns on her face.

She added that she had published a video of her problem and shared it on social media, and it was a surprise when people from the “AHMİMDER” organization contacted her and offered her to perform the surgery and cover its expenses.

The Syrian girl pointed out that she missed sleeping a lot and wanted to close her eyes naturally, but after this surgery she will be able to sleep more comfortably, eat and move her arm and neck, so she is very happy now.

AHMİMDER Organization: A philanthropist who saved Shahd

In addition, “Aisha Gul Aksu”, the director of the humanitarian organization, explained that they have established an association to help children whose bodies have been burned for various reasons, and that they have about 500 children being treated because of this assistance, noting that after seeing the video of the child “Shahd” she was very impressed with it and decided to help her.

And “Aisha Gul” indicated that she also shared the image of the girl on social media, and then one of the benefactors contacted them, saying: “I will do whatever it takes,” and then the procedures began immediately to carry out the surgery.

For his part, Yilmaz Geik, a plastic surgeon who performed the operation, said that the burnt tissue is harder than the natural tissue, so the child cannot move his face and neck comfortably.

He added that the girl’s face was severely damaged due to burns, but they performed a skin transplant operation instead of the skin that had lost its function, explaining that Shahd’s surgeries will continue until the end of adolescence, as required by her health condition.

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