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Rania Al-Toumi

New faces appear in Ramadan series from year to year, and in the Surat Al-Batea series, Rania Al-Toumi appeared, who will converge in many scenes with the heroes of the series Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Fahmy Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani and Reem Mustafa, and has caught the audience’s attention since the announcement and official posters of the Surat Al-Batea series were launched. This is what made everyone ask, Who is Rania Al-Toumi?, And we will present information about her through “Hin” in the following lines, according to an interview she had on the Tunisian Al-Hiwar channel.

Who is Rania Al-Toumi in the series Surra Al-Batea?

– Rania El Toumi was born in Tunisia.

She was born on January 27, 1989, at the age of 33.

Rania Al-Toumi, who appeared in the series Surat Al-Batea, studied in the Ramadan series at the University of Computer Science in Campus Management, then presented works of art in 2012 through her participation in the Mashaer series.

– Rania Toumi is a Tunisian broadcaster, who has been presenting the Tunisian weather bulletin for a long time.

She also works as a model.

She was chosen as Miss Weather in Tunisia, as she is one of the most beautiful broadcasters in Tunisia and the Arab world, specifically in her publication on Nessma TV.


She was presenting a program called “The Airport”.

– Tunisian actress Rania El Toumi appeared at the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival.

– It appears through the Astori feature a lot on the “Instagram” site.

– Her first appearance in an Egyptian work will be through the series Surra Al-Batea this year.



– The Tunisian artist, Rania Al-Toumi, celebrated her marriage contract in her country, Tunisia, in the presence of a number of her family members and close friends.

The personal life of Rania Al-Toumi

She appeared on the “Tunisian Dialogue” channel, and said that she loves to walk through life without looking at anyone, and that the old Rania Al-Toumi is the new Rania, and she does not care if someone says that there are flaws in her personality, because a woman must love herself.

Surat Al-Batea series

The story of the series Surat Al-Batea, starring Ahmed Fahmy, and its events revolve around a short story with the same name by the late writer Youssef Idris, which came as part of a collection of short stories he published in 1958 entitled “An Incident of Honor.” Director Khaled Youssef obtained the rights to transfer the story from the heirs of the great writer, to present it in A series during the Ramadan drama season 2023.





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