The last picture of Lina Al-Hani before her death in an accident in Kuwait

The fashionista Lina Al-Hani, sister of the Lebanese singer Sarah Al-Hani, died in a traffic accident in Kuwait, at dawn on Wednesday.

According to news websites, Lina Al-Hani was killed when her vehicle collided with another vehicle, at dawn on Wednesday, when she breathed her last in the hospital, due to her severe injuries.

“Lea”, the daughter of Lina Al-Hani, called her mother a touching message through her account on “Instagram”, which she had reported in English, and stated that she “wanted to tell everyone about her mother (the angel), who made them an example to be proud of, and many tears were shed for them.” .

“She was waiting for her mother to come back to hug her, but instead God chose her,” Leah said, adding that “it’s okay.”

She confirmed that “her mother is a wonderful person who was able to make everyone love her, and that these people came to take care of her and her sister,” stressing that “she will complete her life and her sister in the way that her mother wished for them, to make her proud of them.”

Users of social networking sites in Kuwait interacted with the news of Al-Hani’s death, as a number of her friends expressed their shock after receiving the news.

Fajr Al-Sanea, mourning her friend “Al-Hani”, wrote that she “was kind-hearted”, stressing her “great sadness for the daughters she left behind.”

And the media, Dana Al-Rubaish, called her: “Lina Al-Hani is under the protection of God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her and give patience to her family and loved ones.”

Her friend, the fashionista, Dali Najib al-Qabandi, also expressed her shock at her separation with a series of tweets: “I moved to the side of my Lord, my good friend, the good nature of the dove of peace, Lina Al-Hani, following a tragic accident at dawn today.”

And she continued: “A lot of love for you, Lina, my Lord, have mercy on you and forgive you, O God, you are very kind and generous, and everyone loves you. May God give patience to a heart with a product, my love.

And the cosmetic expert, Hessa, wrote: “There is no power or strength except by God. Lina Al-Hani is in the protection of God. Oh God, Tony. I saw her in the month of God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her, the kindness of the heart, may God wipe the hearts of her daughters and her family.”


It is reported that Lina Al-Hani, through her account on “Snapchat”, wrote a post in which she spoke about “the human need for a hand to comfort his sorrows.”


Hours ago, the late fashionista had also posted a photo on the “Story” feature on her Instagram account, where she appeared to be completely healthy.


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