Lina Al-Hani dies in a terrible accident in Kuwait

Lina Al-Hani dies in a terrible accident in Kuwait
Lina Al-Hani dies in a terrible accident in Kuwait

Khabarni – The Lebanese fashinista Lina Al-Hani, the sister of the artist Sarah Al-Hani, passed away after a traffic accident in Kuwait, on Thursday morning.

Lina Al-Hani died after her vehicle collided with another, as ambulance crews arrived at the scene of the accident and took her to a nearby hospital, but the doctors announced her death due to severe injuries.

The late fashinista had published, hours before the tragic accident, two pictures via the “Story” feature on her Instagram account, during which she appeared in good health and in white clothes, and appeared in the second picture while she was inside the car.

Among the last things Lina published on her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 68 thousand people, was a picture of her with a summer look, wearing a dress with colorful prints, and commented: “Love or happiness? Choose”.

The pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the news of Al-Hani’s death, as a number of her friends expressed their shock after receiving the news.

Dali Al-Qabandi wrote, denouncing her friend “Al-Hani”: “I love you a lot, Lina, my Lord, have mercy on you and forgive you, O God, how much you were good and kind and everyone loves you.

The Kuwaiti actress, Rawaq, commented: “May God have mercy on her and forgive her.”

** Lina Al-Hani’s daughter mourns her with touching words

The late daughter, “Lea”, called her mother a touching message that she shared on her account on “Instagram”, in which she wrote: “I want to tell you all about the angel who flew to heaven, Mama, I hope I can send you a text message one last time and tell you that I must Be the most proud of yourself because you gave me and Lamita the happiest life and memory of an amazing mother.”

She continued, “You know that you are loved by a lot of people. I was waiting for the moment to see you and hug you again but I think God had other plans and that’s okay.. Maybe we couldn’t handle the distance until he brought your soul closer to mine.. … as close as you can ever get.”

She added, “You were an angel from day one, and I saw you shed tears for us, work for us, and on my worst days, you sat and slept next to me.”

She explained that her mother is now on the side of God, the merciful and tender, and that there are many people who will take care of her and her sister.

And she concluded her post: “Just because you’re not here physically means nothing baby, now relax and watch me go on with the life you prepared me for because I know you are watching me with a smile on your face.”

And the media, Dana Al-Rubaish, called her: “Lina Al-Hani is under the protection of God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her and give patience to her family and loved ones.”

The beauty expert, Hessa, said: “There is no power or strength except by God. Lina Al-Hani is in God’s protection. Oh God, Tony. I saw her in the month of God. May God have mercy on her and forgive her. The kindness of her heart may God wipe the hearts of her daughters and her family.”

Lina Al-Hani is considered an activist and influencer on social media, and is interested in the work of her sister, the Lebanese star. She also runs the LUXURIA store, and is the mother of two girls.

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