The first official response from Qatar to the massacre of a tourist in Tunisia, and a surprise erupted about his identity

homeland – In a new surprise regarding the incident of the slaughter of a Gulf tourist in Tunisia, specifically in Bizerte, Al-Atika, Qatar denied through its embassy in Tunisia what was published by the media regarding the nationality of the dead man and that he was Qatari.

Qatar responds to the rates of the murdered tourist in Tunisia

In a statement published by the Embassy of Qatar in Tunisia, the embassy confirmed that the Gulf tourist, the victim of an honor killing, is not a Qatari.

According to the statement of the embassy, ​​which was monitored by:homeland) on her official account on Twitter: “The Embassy of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Tunisia denies what was reported by the media that the victim in the Bizerte incident holds Qatari citizenship.”


The Qatari embassy in Tunisia added that it “expresses its condolences to the victim’s family and his relatives.”

The tourist was murdered by a Tunisian youth in Bizerte out of honor

It is noteworthy that social networking sites in Qatar and the Gulf states were buzzing with news published by the Tunisian media about the killing of a tourist who claimed to be a Qatari in Tunisia, who was slaughtered in the old city of Bizerte.

and tracker(homeland) For the details of this news in the Tunisian media, it became clear that the murdered tourist was born in 1963 and came to Tunisia two weeks ago.

Radio Mosaique quoted a security Source as saying that the killer was a Tunisian young man who tracked down the victim, until he managed to kill him and slaughtered him in front of passersby at the entrance to the old city.

But the statement of the Qatari embassy in Tunisia, above, categorically denied that the murdered tourist was not Qatari, as the Tunisian media claimed.

According to this security Source, this young man is 40 years old, and committed his crime out of honor.

Honor killing

According to the Tunisian Source, the young murderer learned that his sister was in a relationship with the aforementioned tourist, so he arranged his crime and killed him out of revenge and “disgrace.”

The Tunisian security forces were able to arrest the murderer, as soon as the crime occurred, and he was arrested and taken to the police station and an investigation began.

The identity of the 59-year-old Gulf tourist who was massacred in Bizerte has not yet been revealed, and the Tunisian authorities have not published any other details about the crime.

For its part, the Tunisian channel “Nine” quoted a security Source, confirming that the victim of the murder that shook the city of Al-Atika, is a Gulf tourist who came to Tunisia more than two weeks ago. And that the young man slaughtered him with a knife in a shocking scene that spread panic among the citizens there.

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